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Earn money by answering surveys

  • Up to 5€ for each survey you take
  • Take surveys everywhere on any device
  • Fast payment through PayPal
  • Vouchers and other forms of payment also available


Top rated by our users. 

What you should know about surveys

We invite you via e-mail

Once we have a survey for you, we will send you an invitation to your email address. You only need to click on a link, and you will be ready to take surveys.

You can work from home in your free time

Surveys are very flexible. You can take them from the comfort of your own home, and whenever you have time.

Surveys are usually short

The longest ones we have are ca. 30 minutes long, but you get the best reward for those.

Anonymous surveys

We collect hundreds of answers for each survey, and make statistical analysis based on that. No personal information is collected.

What do you need to earn on surveys?

To be more than 13 years old

To participate in surveys, there are sometimes questions that require a bit of life experience. Unfortunately, there aren’t many surveys that allow users to be under 14 years old.

An Internet connection

You need to be online when taking surveys. As soon as you finish one, it is automatically processed, and you get paid for it.

An email address

When you sign up, you provide your email address. We recommend that you use the email address you use every day, because we’re going to send you survey invitations to this email.

A PayPal account

In order to get paid on PayPal, you need to have an account there with the same email address as the one you’re using here. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can take other rewards like vouchers or you can even donate your earnings.

Our motto: Work from home and have fun

Shoppanel was founded in 2014 with one goal in mind. To be the safest, most rewarding site online for people to earn money.

With that aim in mind, we’ve grown our base of satisfied users, and still continue to do so. We are now proud to be the trusted survey provider to more than 300.000 members in our panel.

And we are even more proud that some of these users have been with us from the start.