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Saving cash can be hard when you have kids, for sure. This is mainly true if you are a single parent, by all means. Yet, it is indeed possible. In this guide, we’ll dive into some cool methods you can execute to save more money as a single parent. Some of these may shock you!

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Save money as a single parent

Here are 15 cool tricks to save money as a single parent. Make sure that you check them out as they are quite practical.

#1 Swap clothes with your parent-friends

Though it may seem strange, your kids don’t need to dress like supermodels constantly. It’s entirely fine to dress your children in hand-me-downs or second-hand attire. Keep this in mind!

You can implement a swapping system with your buddies who have kids. It’s even better if their kids are roughly the same age as your kids. You can also return the favor. Try to give the old garments of your kids to your friend’s younger juniors.

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#2 Ask for dented baby formula at the shop

Baby formula is quite pricey today in the US. This is happening because of the lack of baby formula. Here’s one thing many parents don’t know, some stores keep damaged baby formula at the back of the store.

People don’t often want to purchase impaired products. Still, it’s unavoidable that some products do get damaged. Especially this happens when the products are shipped to the retail store. So many of these damaged products are not on the shelf.

They save those in the back of the shop, or they toss them out. You might try your fate by asking if they have any dented baby formula. They might sell it to you for a lot more affordable.

You want to avoid doing this with canned food. Keep in mind that dented canned meals can induce botulism. Barely dented dry baby formula powder would be useful in most cases. Regardless, what if you aren’t sure if it’s overly damaged? In that case, you should still go for the undamaged pricier baby formula.

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#3 Use Amazon Subscribe & Save

What is another practical way for single parents to save cash on a tight budget? It is to think about using Amazon Subscribe & Save to get deals on everyday buys.

With this option, you can get up to 15% off if you sign up for automated deliveries of day-to-day essentials. For single parents, that helps facilitate life and stops you from having to find a babysitter. It also stops you from having to lug the kids to the shop because you failed to restock something vital.

Numerous products give a 5% discount for setting up deliveries. Yet, count at least 5 products to your subscription for the same address. By doing that, you save 15% on your total order.

#4 Ask your friends and family to babysit

Hiring a babysitter can be quite pricey, by all means. The price does add up. You can ask your buddies and family members to help babysit your children.

They can do it for free and you can repay them with a nice warm meal. And ultimately, you’d have to return the favor if they asked you to babysit their juniors in the future.

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#5 Make toys yourself instead of buying

There are numerous creative ways to make toys for your kids. This is great so you don’t need to spend so much every month to keep them engaged. A brief Google search will uncover many ways to create toys for your kids for cheap.

Be sure that there are so many homemade toys. Your children don’t need as many toys as society makes you think.

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#6 Don’t pay for costly lessons

Notably, $1,000 per month for hockey lessons is a lot. Mostly, your children simply want the experience of playing hockey. You can go with them to the hockey arena. Do that rather than spend so much to have them professionally trained.

Yes, if you want your kids to be professional hockey players, that’s a separate story. Many of those costly lessons are excessive. Your children would have just as great of a time learning from you.

If the kids have the passion, you can always go for more costly programs later. Still, hold off on investing so much cash into their hobbies now. Truly, many of them will lose interest shortly after.

#7 Encourage your kids to get a part-time job

Relying on how old your kids are, you can inspire them to get part-time jobs. Encouraging your kids to make their own cash is great. It would make them learn the weight of money. They would learn to handle cash effectively while they are still young.

Some parents would instruct their kids to shop for their own garments. That way, the children would find ways to make extra cash around the area. For instance, mowing lawns and removing snow in order to invest in their new school attires.

This would even be a useful practice to have. Notably, it teaches your kids to be accountable for their own finances at a young age. You can start executing this method on your kids once they are old enough.

#8 Lean on your support network

What is a typical theme in parenthood savings? Well, it is to ask your support network for help. Babysitting and hand-me-downs are likely the most common requests. Still, there are other ways your network can help you save cash.

Do you want to retain your social life without paying a fortune? If so, invite your buddies over for a game night or dinner. Ask your circle or parent group what they need assistance with. Moreover, put your heads together. Do this to calculate how you can help each other save or make cash.

#9 Purchase reusable diapers

Same old diapers. These are readily one of the costliest monthly fees for parents. It’s likewise not good for the surroundings. That goes without saying! This is the reason many parents are choosing to one-use diapers.

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#10 Thrift shop

A lot of items get donated to thrift stores each day. Notably, many of those items have to be tossed out. Why? Well, there isn’t a need for it despite it being extremely good. Here are some things you can thrift shop:

  • Apparels
  • Kids’ toys
  • Stroller
  • Kids’ tableland

#11 Buy second hand

You don’t automatically have to get brand-new everything for your juniors. More often than not, second-hand items would do just fine. Here are some items you can obtain in second-hand stores:

  • Stroller
  • Apparels
  • Toys
  • Books

Purchasing things second-hand can save you a lot of cash. It can also help provide a second life to things that otherwise would contribute to more trash issues.

#12 Drive less

It is obvious that this one can be tough for some parents. This is mainly true if you live far from all the things. Still, it is possible not to own a car given the right events.

Do you live near the mall, your workplace, or your kids’ school? If yes, you can choose not to own a car. Car is one of the largest home expenditures right after the rent. If you can stop driving, you’d be able to save more than $10,000 per year.

#13 Hold yard sales

What after your children have outgrown some stuff? Well, you can hold a yard sale, by all means. Do this to turn those things into money. You can utilize it to support next year’s essential purchases.

This is also a cool way to declutter, as a matter of fact. Notably, we all know how chaotic a house can get with children.

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#14 Grow your own food

It’s honestly pretty straightforward to grow your own food. You can keep the branch of vegetables untouched and replant them. Do this to get fresh veggies and fruits year-round.

Truth be told, you may not be able to grow all your edibles. Still, it can supplement some items you’d have to get from the grocery shop. This goes without saying!

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#15 Pay all your bills on time

Banks will, by all means, charge you interest. They will do it if you don’t pay your bills on time. So, you want to be sure to pay all the bills on time to evade paying any extra fees. This is extremely important to know!