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How many times have you almost tripped over the cords inside your home? If your answer goes something like: well, far too many to count, then we’ve got an issue to solve. In other words: you’ll enjoy the topic we’ve prepared for you today.

Even though it may seem difficult at first glance, there are very simple ways to hide cords. Here at Shoppanel, we like to be a bit more precise, so let’s rephrase the previous sentence. There are 8 super easy tips on how to hide cords in your home office we’ll show you below!

You can use ties, tubes or adhesive cord covers to hide your cables. Alternatively, you can put them inside a basket, a desk cable case, or a desk cabinet. Also, some folks like to sweep their cables under the rug. Lastly, you can embrace them as parts of your home office decor. Just don’t forget to label them!

If you’re thinking: there must be more to it, you’re absolutely right! Continue reading to find out why!

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Why should you hide cords in the first place?

As we said, there’ve been far too many times one almost broke a neck because of them. That’s a good enough reason of its own. Imagine you’re an electronics enthusiast (you mightn’t need to imagine). An unorganized mess of cords isn’t what you’d call a harmless side-effect of your passion. Anyway, here are extra reasons why should you hide cords in your home office:

  • You don’t have to call an electrician to handle the task. It’s completely doable in a DIY manner!
  • Your home office will look more professional. A messy bundle of cords doesn’t really rhyme with office space.
  • Lastly, you’ll ensure the maximum safety of your electronics. By hiding cords, you prevent your gadgets from falling on the floor and breaking.

It’s easy to see why someone would want to hide their home office cords. Nowadays, our homes are filled with electronic gadgets. One needs to introduce some order there.

Think about how many items you need to plug in

Before you start any of the housework, there are a couple of questions you’d want to ask yourself:

  • How many outlets do you have in your home office? Where are they located?
  • How far will the peripherals be from those outlets?
  • Will you need to install additional power bars? In other words: is there a sufficient number of plugs?
  • How do you work? Do you have a specific spot or do you like to move around a bit?

Once you answer these, you’ll know if your cords should be stuck in one place or not. Should they perhaps be more “open” to being unplugged and moved?

Okay, so we’ve got that covered. Now let’s check out the tips on how to hide cords in your home office!

A few USB cords.

#1 Cable ties to the rescue

You’ve probably thought about this before. Cable ties are probably the first solution that comes to mind when one gets the idea to hide cords. Anyway, the cable length is a thing most folks have a problem with. Of course, longer cables are quite handy when the socket isn’t near. Still, they have a tendency to tangle up and look downright messy.

That’s where cable ties enter the picture. You can use them to easily shorten longer cables. Loop them and keep them in place by using reusable cable ties or zip ties, for instance. Also, think about using colorful cable ties, just so you’re able to find the cord you need in no time.

#2 Basket case

Next to using cable ties, putting your cords in a basket is one of the easiest solutions out there. It’s a pretty straightforward kind of solution if you were to ask us. Here’s what you have to do: simply put the power strip in a basket. That’s about it. Also, you can use an open box instead of a basket.

A recommendation: use a wicker basket or a colorful box. That way, you’ll add something interesting to your home office decor. Also, always opt for a larger basket or box, big enough to hold all of your cords.

#3 Sweep your cords under the rug

We’d never recommend you sweep anything under the rug. Still, this situation is kind of exclusive. It’s because power sockets aren’t always nearby. You don’t want the cords going all around the room, do you? If so, hiding them beneath a rug might be the right solution.

Now, if the rug feels a bit uneven, you can use a thicker one. Or, you can add a couple of rug layers. Unfortunately, there’s something of a downside to this “resolution”. If your cords get damaged during the course of time, you’ll probably figure it out only when it’s too late.

#4 Furniture legs?

Let’s work with what we got. Although, you’ll have to obtain some little adhesive hooks. Anyway, the thing here is: you want to take advantage of furniture legs. Strap some of the cables behind your desk and enjoy a mess-free cable setup. The little hooks you attach will guide the cables.

#5 If you can’t beat them…

Sometimes the best thing you can do is to keep your cables in plain sight. Wait, how’s this going to be of any help? Well, there are ways cables can serve as your home office decoration:

  • Group them with colorful tubes.
  • Wrap them in fun-colored threads.
  • You can decorate the fabric cable sleeves yourself.

If somehow you didn’t get the gist of what we’re saying, embrace those cables! If you can’t beat them, you might as well “join them”!

#6 Put a cable box on your desk

This solution proves best if you’re using a power strip on your desk. It works wonders in keeping your workstation tidy and clean. What’s even better is that you can put other devices on top of your cable box. Also, it can serve as a charging station (without completely messing up your desk).

#7 Store your cables inside cabinets

Okay, you can consider this option let’s work with what we have pt.2. Your desk cabinets can act as pretty functional additions to your home office. They come in handy when hiding cables. There are two ways you can “employ” them:

  • Run the wires behind the cabinets. Drill a hole, if there isn’t one. Use hooks to keep them in place.
  • Run the wires using the sides of the cabinet. They’re quite good for holding power stations.

#8 Did anyone mention cord covers?

Last but not least, you might want to consider using adhesive cord covers. They’re a great solution for hiding cords in a home office. You can stick ’em to walls, floors, or pieces of furniture. Just measure the path your cables make and cut the adhesive cord covers accordingly. Don’t worry, they go ’round corners as well.

Also, they come in many different colors. You’ll surely lighten up the mood of your home office using bright-colored cord covers.

A bonus tip: Label your cables

Well, this one doesn’t have a whole lot to do with hiding your cables. Still, it’s a tip we can’t let you leave without. Even if you can’t hide your cords, it’s very important you still label them. That way, you’ll eliminate the chances of turning off something by mistake.

8 Super easy tips on how to hide cords in your home office – a quick recap

Okay, so we’re almost there. As always, it’s time to do a quick recap. Here are the cord-hiding tips we’ve mentioned in the text above:

  • Use cable ties! Probably the easiest solution out there. Think about using colorful ties to set the atmosphere.
  • Put your cords inside a basket! A wicker basket is a stylish addition to your home office.
  • Sweep the cords under the rug! There’s a downside to it, though. If your cords get damaged, there’s a good chance you won’t notice.
  • Take advantage of your desk legs! Guide your cables using little adhesive hooks.
  • Embrace your cables! It might sound weird but think about the ways you can make them part of your home office decor.
  • Add a cable box to your desk! Keeps your workstation tidy and clean. Also, you can put other devices on top of it.
  • Store cables inside the cabinets of your desk. A pretty functional solution that requires little to no effort.
  • Attach adhesive cord covers to your walls, floor, or furniture. These come in many colors, so choose the one that fits your office’s color scheme.

That’s about it, folks. Oh, and we almost forgot to mention this. Don’t forget to label your cables!