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Oddly enough, there are ways to earn money from the comfort of your own home without a computer. Many individuals did this many years ago. You can as well!

There are countless work-at-home jobs that don’t demand a computer. This will just take us some eons to think of what they are, and how they can be executed without a pc. 

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Here’s how to start

Earning money from home is as effortless as a click of a mouse. Aren’t you exhausted from hearing that? Not everyone requires to employ a computer to make a genuine living from home. It’s not hard, in fact, it is effortless.

You have to be truly creative, but when there’s an intention, there’s a method. Let’s take a look at some ways to make money from home without a computer.

  • Sell things from home. Without the help of a computer, you can still sell things, by all means. Moreover, you don’t need to pay for shipping and handling either. Vend antiques, old furniture, jewelry, and household things straight from your very own garage. Have weekly garage sales, yard sales, and sidewalk sales from your own home.
  • Craft, plan, and market your own crafts or jewelry. Trade the things you make at your current jobs, a partner’s, or a friend’s job. Sell the things you create to neighbors. Have affordable jewelry, apparel, handbag, or craft parties, and ask your friends and relatives to come.
  • Here’s one for the barber. For people that style hair, are makeup artists, or are excellent with their hands, start your own company in your basement. You can cut and style hair, produce makeup, and give massages for certain prices. You will surely need to hang out a shingle and let the state know you are earning money. But yes, you can do that from home.

There is more to this

  • How about creating your own band, karaoke, or sound system? For individuals musically inclined, you can create your own business at home without a computer. Promote the old-fashioned way – by word of mouth, leaflets, and newspaper ads.
  • For those who are really patient, tutor kids, teens, and college students. Those that are great with kids, have tolerance and are really good in one subject, such as mathematics, physics, or music. use those abilities. Tutor kids into getting good grades. For retired teachers, or those taking a sabbatical, this is a fantastic and fun way to make extra money from home or someone else’s.

Some good home money-making projects

If you are short on cash or want to begin making extra cash on the side to pay off some bills, place your existing skills and welfare to adequate use by selling what you do best.

Are your capabilities creative in nature or not? Encountering projects to do at home to earn extra money is as easy as taking inventory of your talents. Let’s take a look at some of them down below!

Cake decorating

If you have a gift for baking with a design streak, turn your abilities into something profitable. For instance, make inventive designs into a profit-making side hustle, decorating cakes and cupcakes. Cake decorators are essential for occasions such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and graduation parties.

Begin your cake-decorating experience by creating simple, yet sophisticated designs. Have your products become more intricate as you progress in your mastery and knowledge. If likely, purchase a few books or magazines on the subject.

This is to learn some advanced skills to set yourself apart from rivals. You can always promote your business on sites like Craigslist and by leaving a business card around town with regional restaurants.

Tip: Did you know that there are many cool ways you can make money on vacation? Make sure you know what those are!

Handcrafted items

Do you like to get inventive and work with different materials? If so, begin a craft business making handcrafted items. You do not require comprehensive knowledge of woodworking. You don’t even require making new outcomes that the world has never seen before.

For instance, keep it clear and make knitted items, if you know how to knit, or attire, if you are an expert in sewing. Creating jewelry or oil paintings are inventive venues as well.

You can sell your products on the websites like and Or, you can always go to local fairs, flea markets, or consignment stores to sell your wares.

Web design

Do you have some specialized knowledge and are continually redesigning your own page or blog? If yes, you may wish to turn that into something worthwhile and offer your services as a freelance web designer.

People who would like to set up their own firms or family sites may wish to hire you for your design abilities.

Note: Know that some tactics make it easier to prioritize spending on the things that are critical to you. This helps to stop spending too much money on things that aren’t as critical.


Are you a person who likes purchasing scented candles for your home? If yes, turn your hobby into a thriving business by comprehending how to make them for yourself and others. Purchase books or go to local seminars on how to create candles. demonstrates that candle making is a straightforward process to learn. Sell your products on the web or at local craft stores, markets, or other outlets where people purchase such items.

Make money from home without a computer - 10 ways to try

Some cool online gigs

Now, let’s talk about some online money-making gigs. There are plenty of them and here we will mention some.

Tip: In a perfect world, your budget will involve expending way less than you make every month. This is true! What’s more, all your saving goals would be set perfectly.

Proofreading gigs

Is everyone always blaming you for being a grammar elitist? If your answer is a YES, here’s a tip. Why don’t you try landing some proofreading jobs? It’s a type of work that’s in demand now more than ever.

Online platforms such as Upwork give proofreaders a place to make some solid earnings. As mentioned before, these gigs are rather high in demand. Many sites and blogs want their copy to look flawless. Now, we’re not talking about guides written in English only. Whatever language you know besides English can only be a plus.

Imagine a particular business that wants to enlarge its business. Their following target is your place of birth. They’ve hired some freelance translators to optimize the site for your homeland. No matter how suitable these dwellers are, the business will need someone to proofread the copy. That’s where you come into the picture!

Transcription gigs

Are you a really good listener? If you think you are, you’re not just a good person. You’re also an excellent individual for landing some transcription gigs. Here’s a recap of the job: you’ll convert sound into text.

Likewise, are you a fast typer? You will want to be one before you set out on your first transcription adventure. Here’s a more extended description of the work we’re talking about in this section. You’ll be required to listen to some audio or video recording.

Synchronously, you’ll have to type out everything you listen to with amazing accuracy. Occasionally, you’ll even have to write down every filler word you hear on the recording.

You may be thinking, what’s the most prevalent format a transcriptionist works with? Here’s your response: different podcasts, company meetings, lectures, interviews, and so forth. Does this sound easy to you? Don’t waver to give it a try!

Tip: If you’re just starting out or already running a blog about poetry, please be sure it’s top-notch.

Managing social media

There’s no need to emphasize the significance of social media in today’s international society. With that in mind, one can guess that the role of social media manager is rather high in demand. And one would be right to say so!

Are you used to reviewing Instagram on an hourly basis? If that’s so, this might be a perfect gig for your sensibilities! There isn’t a single business out there that doesn’t rely on this or that social media platform. Needless to say, they largely rely on their public exhibition.

Guess you wouldn’t have a difficult time updating the social media accounts of other people? If you approve, here’s your chance to make some extra money. This is a great opportunity, by all means. 

Note: Many of us have furry friends. Do you want to know how it is to work from home with a puppy?

Freelance writing gigs

Is writing your passion? Moreover, are you interested in a bunch of topics, without being strongly about only one? If your responses form one loud YES, freelance writing’s your place of preference!

Sites rely on the content they deliver to their visitors. Without quality content, there are no guests, no sales, no nothing. That’s where your ultimate writing skills are required. Would it harm you to write about 1000 words worth of quality content each day? Guess not!

So, try freelance content writing. You’ll find plenty of clients on online platforms, such as Upwork!