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It’s only the beginning of the year and you’re already planning your vacation. Now that’s called thinking in advance. Organizing a last-minute trip is clearly something to avoid. Also, one must consider how they’ll finance the endeavor. Therefore, today we’ll show you just how to make money for vacation!

One can use many methods to earn some easy vacation money online. We’ve gathered the 9 quickest ways to do it. You’ll find them all in the article below. Keep in mind that you can also earn some money while you’re on vacation. Most of these gigs won’t take much of your time; there’s no reason to miss out on them.

Are you ready to begin? Here are the 9 quick ways to make money for vacation!

Table of Contents

#1 Become a tutor (online)

That’s right, you might want to share some of the stuff you know with others. Share the stuff you know and earn some money, that is. For instance, are you good at playing guitar? If so, there are neighborhood kids that might value your knowledge. Whatever it is that you do – try to see if there’s an interest in it.

Post flyers in your local surroundings. Talk to people in your neighborhood. Figure out if there’s a demand for the thing that you do best. The more passionate you are about it, the better your chances of finding students. Knowledge plus passion is the combo folks are after.

Also, speaking of tutoring, you can escape the boundaries of your local community. Yup, you can try sharing the knowledge you possess online. Folks from all around the world might be in need of your skills. There are many online platforms where you can offer your tutoring services. For instance, one of them is simply called Tutor.

#2 Sell the stuff you no longer use

It might be time to do some good ol’ decluttering. For all we know, it’s the timing’s always right for such an action. Every single person has too much stuff they no longer use. Stuff that’s laying around for no particular reason. It seems we’ve all turned into early-stage hoarders.

Now, before we start to lament over the consumerist society we live in, let’s get practical. Here’s some advice: organize an old-fashioned yard sale. Besides making some vacation money, you’ll get the neighborhood together. That, of course, is the first, offline approach you can utilize.

Our second piece of advice revolves around the idea of online marketplaces. Platforms such as eBay are clearly the way to go. Also, don’t think folks won’t buy this or that item. You wouldn’t believe what people sell online. There are a bunch of niches you probably haven’t heard of.

Simply create an account on one of the platforms and post your stuff for sale. Lastly, make sure that you take some high-quality photos of the things you’re trying to sell. Otherwise, folks might assume you’re a bit irresponsible.

PS. You don’t have to sell your old stuff only, venture into the DIY field and sell your crafts.

#3 Complete paid online surveys

Here’s another fantastic way to earn some vacation money. If you’ve heard about paid online surveys, you already know what’s up. However, if case you haven’t – you’re in for a real treat. It’s like stumbling upon a treasure in the jungle that is the world wide web.

There’s no need to emphasize the following: companies depend on user opinion. If you’d like to share yours, they’d like to pay you for it. That’s because your thoughts and opinions matter greatly to businesses. You might be the ideal person for the task, based on your qualifications and interests.

So, how can folks earn money via paid online surveys? It’s very easy, you’ll see. First things first, you need to create an account on one of the survey platforms. Make sure you use the email address that’s linked to your PayPal. Next up, you just have to wait for survey invitations to appear in your inbox.

Lastly, we’ll share a common trick associated with this method of earning money online. The thing is that you need to fill out your profile as much as possible. Here are the reasons behind such behavior:

  • You’ll get more survey invitations. More invitations mean more money. 
  • You’ll get to complete surveys tailored to your preferences. 
  • You’ll get invitations to complete the highest-paying surveys. 

Let’s see what else’s in store! But first: a nice photo (it has something to do with our next addition to this list).

A dog enjoying a vacation without worrying about money.

#4 Sell stock photography

If we were to ask you who took the photo above this paragraph’s headline, what would you say? Maybe it’s someone from our team? Well, the truth is a bit sad: no one here has a dog that’s so cool. That’s why we’ve reached out to stock photography platforms.

Most, if not all websites depend on quality content. Top-notch photography is crucial for its appeal to users. However, not many companies have the funds to hire professional pros for each article. That’s where your passion for photography can come in handy.

There are stock photography platforms from which you can download quality pictures. As an artist, you’ll be able to upload your stuff. Once someone downloads your photo, you’ll get a commission. At least that’s how most of these platforms work.

If you’re wondering where to earn this type of income, visit Unplash or Shutterstock. They’re the most popular free (Unsplash) and paid (Shutterstock) stock photography platforms.

#5 Hunt for online offers (with a little help from your friends)

Another way to obtain some vacation money is to save some funds on various items you plan on buying. Scanning the web for various sales and discounts is one way to do it. Now, we guess it would be kind of excruciating to hunt for these deals on your own. Therefore, we got a suggestion you definitely want to check out.

There’s a website called Offers by Digiopinion. Each week, it will showcase the best online deals for your eyes only. Editors will pick out the best online offers. You’ll enjoy a phenomenal selection to choose from. As the famous Beatles song goes: I get by with a little help from my friends. My friends from Offers by Digiopinion, that is.

Speaking of money-saving tips, here’s something that might spark some interest.

#6 Do some transcription work

Do you consider yourself a fast typer? Also, are you a good listener? If both of your answers scream a loud YES, we have a suggestion. You can do some transcription work that’s available online.

Platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr are crowded with these gigs. You won’t have much trouble finding them. So, what’s it exactly about? Well, you’ll just have to listen to audio/video recordings and transcribe what you hear into text. Simple as that.

Your fingers and ears, along with a good PC, are all the things you need for this. What are you waiting for?

#7 Become a customer service rep

Yup, you can also become a customer service rep. If you’re enjoying helping other people handle this or that, this one is for you. You can do this right from the comfort of your home and without any experience whatsoever. Let’s see what exactly a customer service rep does!

Here’s the thing: a customer service rep is there to communicate with customers. Obviously. They’re paid to handle complaints, process orders, and provide info on various products or services. If think of yourself as a patient person, this might be your dream side job.

#8 Write an ebook and earn a passive income

Here’s one for all the aspiring writers out there. If you’ve got an awesome story to share with people, why don’t you do it? Writing a book isn’t simple, but it can greatly pay off if you hit the target. Many folks sell their writings on Amazon and earn a passive income.

The first thing you’ll have to do is figure out what’s your specific theme. Is there a subject you’re pretty passionate about? If there is such a topic, write about it. Also, this can also be said about starting a blog. The same rule applies: you want to create content that will make your readers wish for more.

#9 Proofread other people’s writing

If you’re quite notorious for being a grammar freak, here’s something for you. There are many folks out there looking for someone to proofread their writing. Also, no one wants a website filled with grammar mistakes. Companies will pay you well to check if everything is top-notch in their legal documents. 

You’ll find a lot of these gigs on the abovementioned platforms (Upwork, Fiverr, etc.). If you’re the right person for the task, you’ll earn a solid side income. You’ll have some fun while doing it, too.

Some closing thoughts on how to make money for vacation

Okay, folks, so that’s our take on the ways to make money for vacation. By picking out some of the methods we’ve shown you above, we’re sure you’ll strike gold. In other words, you’ll earn just enough money to enjoy a decent vacation. If you’re looking for more tips on earning money online, check out our blog page.