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Now, of course, no one can say you’ve got 0 zero experience if you’re a retiree. However, you’ve probably never tried to find any of the jobs we’ll mention below. There can be numerous reasons for that. One of them might go a bit like this: you were scared since you didn’t have any experience. Today, we’ll show you 14 ways to make money as a retiree online with 0 (zero) experience!

There are a lot of online gigs you can do without any experience whatsoever. The only things you’ll need are a computer and a stable internet connection. Also, you won’t have to pay anything in order to earn some money. Since you’re a retiree with some spare time on your hands, you shouldn’t miss out on them.

So, shall we begin the countdown? Here are the 14 Ways to make money as a retiree online with 0 experience.

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#1 Data entry

Okay, we’ll start with online data entry jobs. Have you got great keyboarding skills? Also, do you see yourself as having a penchant for accuracy? If so, we’re sure that you won’t have any issues working online data entry jobs. You’ll want to know that many employers across a wide variety of industries offer this kind of work.

Before we continue, it’s best we define the subject. So, what exactly is data entry? It’s the process of putting new information or updating records inside a database. It can also be a computer system you’re placing all that information into. As a data entry clerk, your job will involve :

  • basic inputting of data, numeric or alphabetic, from one format to another. Of course, you’ll use your keyboard to do this. 

The best thing about data entry is that you can do it even while on vacation.

Some of the jobs that go under the data-entry umbrella involve transcription. You’ll be transforming audio/video files into written text. Anyway, it’s something that brings us to the next item on our list.

#2 Audio/video transcription

If you’re a fast typer who pays great attention to detail, this one’s for you! As we’ve said, transcription gigs involve transforming audio/video files into written text. It’s an easy way to earn some pocket money as a retiree.

The best thing about these jobs is that they don’t require you have any experience. Otherwise, transcription gigs wouldn’t have found their way to this list. However, keep in mind that the more experience you acquire, the better jobs you’ll get. So, experience plays a certain role, but it’s far from being a crucial one.

Let’s see what else we’ve got in store!

#3 Sell (old clothes) on eBay

Okay, so we’re living in something folks call a consumer society. Therefore, there’s a good chance your wardrobes are filled with clothes you no longer wear. Why shouldn’t you try to sell these goods online? Websites such as eBay allow you this kind of possibility.

Also, it’s not just the clothing we have in mind. You can sell just about anything you want on the aforementioned website. Do some decluttering & sell stuff you no longer use. It’s the best way to get rid of things that only serve to gather dust.

#4 Paid online surveys

This one’s probably the easiest type of “job” you’ll find on this list. It’s disputable whether we’re able to call completing paid online surveys a job. However, you still get paid for it, so… Yup, let’s call it “a neat way to earn money as a retiree”.

So, what’s it all about? What’s so special about paid online surveys? Here’s what’s up:

  • They don’t require you have any experience (obviously). 
  • You answer questionnaires & get paid for it. 
  • By answering surveys, you’re supporting the effort towards a more user-friendly market. 
  • You can get discount coupons or vouchers instead of cash. 

All in all: don’t hesitate to sign up for paid online surveys. You belong to a very specific social group, and your opinion is wanted. Monetize it!

A retiree typing on a laptop, earning money online.

#5 Translation gigs

Are you a polyglot? For all we know, you could’ve spent your whole working life learning new languages. Anyway, now it might be time to transform that knowledge into cash. There are many translation jobs you can find on platforms like Upwork or Fiverr.

Don’t worry, it’s not like you’ll have to translate a 500-hundred-page experimental novel. Therefore, no experience is needed. Translating will help you make some money as a retiree online.

#6 Blog about your experience as a retiree

If there’s something no one can beat you at, it’s knowing how it feels to be you. No, really, trust us on this one. You can blog about your unique experience as a human being, currently in retirement. There are many folks that wonder what it feels like to be in retirement. They’ll appreciate some good pieces of advice.

Anyway, the main point is to monetize your blog’s traffic with advertisements. Also, you can do affiliate marketing. The main point is that your content looks interesting. Your blog should look nice, too. Here are some redesign tips.

Lastly, you might be more into talking rather than writing. Maybe you could start a YouTube channel?

#7 Vlog about your experience as a retiree

Let’s try not to repeat ourselves here. You’ve got your life’s experience. Share it with the world on your YouTube channel. Simple as that! Just make sure you update your channel frequently with interesting content!

#8 Review/test websites

There are companies that will pay you to test out various websites. Your main objective will be to figure out whether they are user-friendly. Or senior-friendly, for that matter. It’s not just about the money. It’s about making the internet more accessible for everyone, regardless of age.

There’s a little platform called Try My UI. It’s where you’ll find a lot of these gigs. Give some constructive criticism and earn money online without much effort.

#9 Proofreading

If you get mad once you see folks writing improperly, this one’s ideal for you. You don’t have to possess any experience to be able to proofread. It’s something most folks know by heart. As was the case with transcription, the more experience you obtain, the more money you’ll earn.

You’ll find these jobs on the aforementioned Upwork or Fiverr platforms. There are many of your peers who fill out their spare time by proofreading other people’s writing. It will help you pass the time and earn some good money, too.

#10 Write an ebook

Writing and publishing an ebook is one of the best ways to earn a passive income once in retirement. Only you know what you’ve been through. In today’s world, reaching retirement with a smile on your face is a feat. We’re not trying to get all pessimistic, but you get the point.

Of course, maybe you don’t want to write about your life. Maybe you’re an avid fantasy reader? If so, you might want to try writing something in that genre. All in all: use your experiences only as a source. You don’t have to tell “what really happened” or anything similar, rely on imagination.

#11 Stock photography

Do you have a knack for making amazing photos? If so, selling your works on a stock photography platform might be a dream come true. That’s right, you’ll be able to earn money solely relying on your art.

Websites such as Unsplash or Shutterstock offer this kind of partnership. Once your photos are uploaded, each time someone downloads them – you get a percentage. However, some platforms give a fixed price, regardless of the number of downloads. Feel free to reach out to them for more information.

#12 Research the web for cash

It’s something we all do, right? We browse the web in search of this or that. However, most of us don’t get paid for it. Now, what if we told you that you can actually get paid for researching the internet? You’ve heard us right!

Let’s say a certain company is in need of data from certain online sources. They’ll usually hire someone else to handle the research. What kind of information researchers collect will depend on the company’s needs. Anyway, keep in mind that some online researchers make jaw-dropping salaries.

#13 Become a life coach

If you’re too cynical for this, skip this one. Anyway, it’s kinda obvious to say life has thought your some valuable lessons. Therefore, becoming a life coach might seem like a perfect idea for your online career. It’s just another way to make money as a retiree online.

Life coaches assist folks in navigating through difficult times & situations. Your job is to listen to their struggles & offer a good piece of advice. You’ll help them achieve their goals. Now, if this sounds like something you’d like to do, offer your services online.

#14 Become an online tutor

For our last item on the list of ways to make money as a retiree online, we’ve got tutoring. What was your profession before you retired? If it was something relevant to folks of today (and we guess that it was), great! You’ve got something to share.

Most usually, you’ll need to prove your expertise. However, experience isn’t a necessity. There are a few ways you can approach this job. For instance, you can try traditional online tutoring platforms. Or, you can go into total freelance mode. Whatever suits you better.

We’ve got a little surprise before we say goodbye: here are some money-saving tips for seniors.

Final words on the ways you can make money as a retiree online

That’s about all that we’ve prepared for today, dear folks. Now you know how to make money as a retiree online. If you’re on the lookout for more tips on related subjects, visit our blog page. Until next time!