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Sustaining high productivity levels can be a challenge. Luckily, there are several apps to assist you in focusing on your tasks and staying organized at work, per se. Also, to control increased productivity. What are the best free productivity tools to use when working from home? Let’s see!

In this article, you will find the best free productivity tools. With these apps, you will, by all means, finish your tasks with ease.

There are many apps that can boost your productivity while working remotely. From time tracking software, appointment scheduling, and project management tools. Also, business communication, workflow automation, and design toolkits.

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Clockify — time tracking software

Clockify is a time tracker. What does it do? It allows you to hold track of all your time and gives you an insight into your execution in terms of productivity. You can track time with a timer in the timer mode, or add it manually, either in the manual mode or via a timesheet.

What occurs after you are done tracking time? Then, you’ll be able to suppose whether you’re productive or spend too much time on insignificant moves. To do this, you can generate and export Summaries and Detailed Reports on all your activities. They can be work-related and others as well. You can then import your results to other programs, for added analysis. You also have access to Weekly Reports. It shows how much time you and your team tracked by day. It helps you see whether you have fulfilled your desired daily and weekly quotas.

Calendly — appointment scheduling software

Another useful tool for scheduling meetings and assignments is Calendly. What is one of the vital benefits of this tool? It stops back-and-forth emails you swap with meeting parties.

You just need to set your available hours during a week in Calendly. After that, anyone who desires to schedule a meeting with you will be able to see when you’re available. You can also set some buffer time, to confirm you take breaks throughout the day.

This tool lets you combine your Calendly account with other apps, such as Slack, Zoom, or Zapier.

Trello — project management tool

Trello is a web application for teamwork and team communication. But, it also goes beyond that, by letting you handle all your assignments and projects.

In Trello, there are boards, and every board symbolizes a project. Once you form a specific board, you can add cards, which act as tasks. Then, you can add people to these assignments and track your advancement. Also, you can build to-do lists and exhibit what tasks you’re working on. Lastly, you can transfer them to the “done” column when completed.

Team members can consult projects and tasks, add remarks, and vote on ideas. You can also upload attachments, specify due dates, and add tags. All of this helps faster navigation through the tool.

Slack — business communication platform

Slack is one of the most prevalent team cooperation and communications tools. Many use brand names use it. All from Airbnb and Starbucks to EA and the BBC.

Slack was built by remote employees, for remote employees. What was the initial concept? To replace bulky email interactions with an interface that allows teams to communicate. Also, to work together from any location.

Slack is a vital messaging app for teams that need to work unitedly. It has video calling traits, file-swapping, and integration with many other apps. You have a simple yet strong communication tool. A tool that lets you work from any place with an internet connection.

ClickUp — work management software

ClickUp is an effective productivity app for teams across various enterprises. It’s fully customizable and presents a feature-rich background. Be it to handle your workload, monitor task updates, and speak with the team. It makes no difference what project type you use. This does without saying!

ClickUp’s exceptional executive Hierarchy gives you more flexibility. Furthermore, it also provides a command to structure even the most intricate assignments. Subtasks within tasks can assist you to manage anything and uncover the ideal balance. From multi-step workflows to easy to-do’s.

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Zapier — workflow automation tool

Another app that lets you link a handful of tools is Zapier. With this app, you’ll be able to automate your workflow.

Preferably, you need to select a trigger. A pattern in a particular app. Then, specify one or more moves that are supposed to occur automatically. For example, when you get an email (trigger), Zapier copies all extensions to Dropbox and alerts you in Slack about these extensions. This way, you can automate some repetitious tasks. That implies you have more time to focus on many important assignments.

This app has some off-the-rack workflows you can employ. Moreover, you can likewise try Zapier for teams. To assist your peers to automate their tasks and increase productivity.

Notion — task management tool

Notion is a fantastic task management tool for remote workers. Its main use is to manage content and tools in one spot. It simplifies the usage of various online tools for team collaboration. In short, Notion alters the professional organization’s way. It does that by getting all the preferred tools for building and manipulating data in one place.

Notion makes everything easier. Be it trivial tasks such as taking notes and transferring them with employees. Or using any table of the spreadsheets and real-time cooperation. The fundamental ideology of Notion is that each user will and must build anything they need. This goes without saying!

This tool wants to surpass all previous web apps and improve its processes with ease of accessibility. There are many elements in this app, and the opportunities are endless. Be it for the team and individual, Notion will always keep the data in order. The user can form and incorporate any workflow.

Dynalist — checklist creator tool

Dynalist is a tool for building lists. When you compose your lists, you can turn them into checklists of assignments you have to complete. This tool also allows you to make notes and arrange objects on your lists. How exactly? By appointing due dates. You’ll be able to classify items by marking them with tags, coloring, and cross-linking them.

Dynalist also allows you to add transferred files up to 50 MB in size. Last but not least, it enhances team collaboration.

Best productivity tools to use when working from home

Figma — a tool for design

Figma is a design tool that secures collaboration and opinion swap within teams. It is an excellent design tool very similar to Canva! All those trendy art prints exist mostly because of these tools and a little magic!

Figma equips designers with a contemporary pen tool and refined font attributes. Similarly, if you want to automate your systematic tasks, be sure to utilize plugins. They can be available for anyone, or you can make them confidential.

What’s more, Figma allows you to craft prototypes that you can transfer to your peers. On top of that, teams can scan project pages and the latest files. That guarantees proper teamwork, by all means.

Sketch — a design toolkit

Another convenient design app is Sketch. It’s easy to use, presents several useful features, and you can team with your peers in real-time. It’s one of the finest web productivity apps aimed at designers.

Sketch lets you build elements and later reuse them. Similarly, if you need to design for many platforms, be sure that you export files in all sizes and layouts. This tool also lets you quickly turn your thoughts into reality. It does that by supplying manuals and grids that help you design with accuracy.

Freedom – distractions blocker tool

How often do you struggle with procrastination? Procrastination can kill your valuable time. Yet, by choosing Freedom, you’ll undervalue the time wasted on your phone and different websites.

Where can you use this app? On Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. Be mindful to sync all your backdrop updates across these devices. With Freedom, you can block entire websites and apps. Yet, you could also create blocklists, and schedule blocks to start automatically. This productivity app can even help you block the whole Internet. That way, you won’t be tempted to browse social media and similar time consumer apps.

Buffer — social media management tool

Another app that can assist you to manage your social media accounts is Buffer. You can prepare and schedule your posts for a lot of social media channels. Yet, you could even set reminders for your Instagram stories. To assure that you post unique content, you can specify the need for approvals before posts go live.

Buffer as well lets you examine your social media analytics. Therefore, have a better sense of what your content should appear like. With this element, you can build custom reports. After that, you can share them with your managers or clients.