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Who would’ve thought people would miss going to the office? Ironically enough, that’s exactly what’s going on for the last little less than two years. Needless to mention: most folks have some trouble with remote work. If you’re one of the lucky ones that somehow got to avoid those issues, good for you. Unfortunately, that’s probably not the case.

So, what’s bugging you the most about working from home? Is it the absence of concentration? Or, it might be the lack of space? It might even be some of your pets demanding attention and causing a mess? Wait, we got the last one right? If so, you’re the ideal reader of the article below. We’ll show you how to handle working from home with pets without any stress!

You’ll want to make sure your pets receive a lot of exercise and playtime during the week. This is crucial when dogs are in question. Also, free up space in your home office for some bedding. Your little buddies might want to lie down while having you around. Here’s a hint: cats go absolutely nuts for toys with catnip.

Of course, there’s much more to it than the paragraph above! Scroll down to see what’s the deal!

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Towards an ideal work from home setting

Let’s take a guess and say there’s no need to emphasize how much the working world has changed lately. For all we know, you’re already convinced that we won’t be going back to the office. Ever again. Okay, let’s try to put those negative thoughts aside.

Negative thoughts? What’s so negative about not going back to the office? Isn’t that what we’d all gladly choose a couple of years ago? Well, you know how they say: be really careful what you wish for. Many folks around the globe are downright unsatisfied with this quiet revolution.

And what’s so bad about remote work?

As with anything, there are both pros and cons of working from home. We’ll tell you a bit more about the cons since they’re harder to spot at first sight. Here’s what bugs people the most about remote work:

  • Home is no longer purely a place of rest and comfort. Once it becomes your office too, things tend to get a little confusing.
  • There’s a good number of distractions messing with your concentration. It’s very easy for your thoughts to drift away at home.
  • Close collaboration with your colleagues is now more difficult. Communication feels somehow unnatural, doesn’t it?
  • Research results prove that remote employees work more than their on-site peers. Quite in contrast with the popular opinion, right?
  • There’s good evidence remote work is more stressy than its predecessor. Although, the research was a post-COVID19 one. So, take that one with a pinch of salt.

Okay, we’ll stop right there. We don’t want you to get the feeling that remote work resembles hell a bit. You can make things easier for yourself by doing a couple of useful tricks.

Okay, so what’s there to be done about it?

The point is: you want to find a way to separate home life from work. Wondering where to look for it? We’ll help you out with that one.

Is there a free room inside your home that still doesn’t have a purpose? If so, you’ve got the luxury a few folks possess. There’s no reason why you should dedicate the room to your job. There are many ways you can decorate it and make yourself a comfy workstation. Also, once you close your office door each morning, your fellow occupants will know you’ve “gone to work”.

Don’t have (a) room to spare? No worries. You can border your working space with bookshelves. Also, you can use paint to mark your working area. Additionally, the way you use colors will have a great impact on your productivity. But that’s a whole other story. We might as well stick to our subject.

Here are other strategies that will help you handle remote work better:

  • Stick to your schedule and make sure the people living with you know it in detail. Just so they don’t disturb you thinking that you’re free.
  • Keep distractions at a bare minimum. The more you concentrate on your work, the less time you’ll spend working.
  • Silence your phone. Also, let your friends know that you’re “at work” once they try to reach you.
  • Reduce noise pollution. A pair of quality noise-canceling headphones might just do the trick.
  • Introduce a morning ritual. Don’t go to work straight from your bed.

There’s, of course, much more to it. Okay, so shall we now dedicate our time to a (minor) distraction we (intentionally) forgot to mention?

A girl struggling with the issue of working from home with pets.

Working from home with pets – Secrets to staying sane

While we were still working like in the olden days, we had no idea pets can be such attention-seekers. Wasn’t the excitement dogs felt when we were coming home from work a result of separation anxiety? It was, to a certain degree. Now, we’re witnessing something completely new.

Maybe you can’t work because your cat is meowing all the time? The little bugger never wants to play, but once you sit in that chair… It’s like you’re giving him a friendly nudge: now’s your chance to create mayhem, buddy. Also, cats are famous for showing off to your colleagues at morning work meetings. Needless to say: the author of this text is a cat owner.

Why are pets so excited while we (unexcitedly) work?

That’s not an easy question. Still, one could probably find the answer intuitively. Say there’s no one to walk your dog while you work. The situation might cause your dog to release botted-up energy. In ways you don’t find very amusing, that is. The same goes for cats. They just do it regardless of you taking them for a walk or not.

How does one handle it?

So, how does one keep pets at bay while working from home? First of all, it depends on the type of pet we’re talking about. Today, we’ll focus on cats and dogs. Well, of course! It’s safe to assume your pet fish can’t really mess up your working day. Although, we’re not a hundred percent sure.

Below, we’ll show you ways you could keep your cats and dogs busy while you work.

Case #1: Man’s best friend

We don’t need to emphasize the fact that dogs tend to be a little destructive when bored. That’s why it’s important you keep them busy while sitting peacefully in your home office. Here’s how you’ll achieve that:

  • Don’t neglect your dogs. Make sure they receive enough playtime (exercise) on a weekly basis. That’s how you’ll ensure they aren’t bored out of their brains while you work. Also, a decent morning walk will satisfy them greatly. Both sides will have a great start of the day!
  • Hide treats around the house! First, try playing guess which hand. Once they master it, proceed to more complex stuff.
  • Make sure you dogs have enough toys which they can play by themselves. Don’t give your dogs all the toys at once. Swap the selection on a daily basis.
  • Try taking them out for a walk on breaks!

Spend enough time outside work with your doggie and you’ll be just fine. They’ll know how to appreciate your effort!

Case #2: Man’s friend (kind of)

We’re just kidding. Cats can be really communicative and playful. It’s just that they get to pick the time. Here’s how you’ll make sure they don’t disturb you at work:

  • Play with them outside of working hours! It’s basically the same as with dogs.
  • Make sure they have a lot of interactive toys that can keep them busy. The ones with catnip are a hit!
  • Place a little bed inside your office for them to enjoy some coziness. Sometimes they just want to be around (and sleep). Your dogs deserve some bedding, too!

That’s about it, folks! Oh, and we almost forgot! If you’ve got parrots, read our advice on reducing noise pollution upstairs!

Working from home with pets – Secrets to staying sane (a summary)

As always, here at Shoppanel, it’s time to do a summary before we wrap this article up. So, what did we learn today?

Folks working from home sometimes feel upset because they rarely see any peace. That is – during their working hours. It might sound like an exaggeration, but it’s closer to the truth more one would think. Also, there’s scientific research to back that up.

One of the (minor) disturbances is pets. Still, if you play with them regularly and they get plenty of exercises… You’ll see some good results. Also, don’t forget to make them some space inside your home office. Just so they could keep you company.

Final words

That should do it! Hopefully, this article helped you create a distraction-free office space!