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There’s no need to argue just how much our furry, four-legged friends mean to us. It comes as no surprise dogs are often called man’s best friends. Always there to show us gratitude and love, always there to cuddle and have fun. Unfortunately, always there while we’re hands deep in work. Yup, at the same moment our homes turned into little offices, dealing with pets became an issue.

Today, we’ll focus on dogs. More precisely, we’ll talk about dogs who haven’t outgrown their puppyhood. In the article you’ll find below, we’ll show you tips on how to work from home with a puppy! Stick around!

Introduce anti-routine so your puppy won’t expect you to take it out for a walk at a certain time. Fill your home with rubber toys that sometimes contain tasty treats. Also, teach your dog basic commands. Make sure it meets many buddies and gets plenty of exercise. Lastly, relax with your furry friend listening to dog-friendly ambient music. 

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Why is working from home with a puppy so challenging?

The reason why many people find this challenging lies in an illusion. This stands only for folks that had no experience with dogs prior to adopting a puppy. The thing is: people imagine it as heaven. Man and puppy, side by side, enjoying each day to the fullest… Needless to say, the situation’s not so naive.

When people say dogs are a great responsibility, they’re absolutely right. Things can get pretty hard for dog owners. If there’s no one they could share that responsibility with – even worse. Dogs require plenty of attention, both emotional and physical. Their adversaries (cats) are self-dependent to a certain degree. For instance, you don’t need to take them out for a walk three times a day. Also, there are no sad puppy eyes following you around the room.

Additionally, a puppy is still adapting to its surroundings. Everything seems so fresh, exciting, and a tiny bit dangerous. That being said, a puppy requires you to invest more time in its upbringing. That’s why handling both work and raising a dog can be quite challenging. Still, there’s no need to worry. Just forget about the idyllic picture and follow the tips we’ll show you below.

A girl working from home, on the bed, next to her puppy.

How to work from home with a puppy – 7 Productivity tips you need

In order to give you the best piece of advice, we’ve sat down with a few dog owners working remotely. These are the tricks they’ve said will boost your productivity. Your little furry friends won’t feel like they’ve been abandoned the moment you sit at your desk. Subsequently, they won’t make a mess out of your apartment.

#1 Forget about routine

Working from home with a puppy you might want to forget about developing a routine. In other words: you’ll want to introduce an anti-routine, so to speak. Even though doggies like schedule, by working remotely there’s no way you can stick to it. Freelancers are quite used to working irregular “shifts”. Sometimes there’s little to do, sometimes you feel crushed under a steaming pile of work.

Anyway, let’s give you an example of what we’re talking about. Say you establish something of a routine, an evening walk at 9 PM. The workload’s been steady, and you always have time for this activity. Suddenly, things change a bit and it turns out you can’t make it every evening at 9 PM. There’s a good chance your little buddy will be pretty confused. Not to mention it will probably disturb with silent, or not-so-silent protest remarks.

To avoid the above scenario from happening, here’s what you’ll do. Take your dog out as much as you can. Also, when going out for a walk, make sure you’re leaving home at different times. That way, your little buddy will get used to having no routine. Since it’s young, the puppy will easily learn there’s no scheduled time for a walk outside.

#2 Set up distractions for your puppy

There’s no reason to argue the fact puppies like to be entertained. Constantly. Now, it’s on you to take them out as much as possible, play with them, etc. You might wonder: is that enough? Well, little dogs are infamous for their energy, and their desire to chew just about anything.

You might’ve heard this one from some of your friends who are dog owners. God, this morning he/she chewed this or that into pieces, yack yack yack… Don’t think your dog will somehow show a different attitude. Once your puppy starts feeling bored, there’s nothing so sacred it can’t be destroyed. It might be something pricey, or something you’re emotionally attached to. Not to mention all the mess you’ll have to clean.

The thing is: you’ll want to distract your doggie with things it is allowed to chew. For instance, rubber bones are every dog owner’s delight. They’re great, dogs seem to adore them. Also, you can fill them with certain treats (peanut butter, for example). While your puppy’s dealing with getting the treat out of the rubber bone, you can get some work done.

#3 Exercise is crucial

We’ve already said you should forget about routine. Now, that doesn’t mean you should forgo the exercises as well. Needless to mention, refrain from getting a dog if you aren’t ready for three 30 mins walks a day. Also, that minutage is the least you’ll need to cut from your free time.

Taking a break? Go out for a walk with your puppy. You definitely need a pause from staring at the screen all day. Additionally, your dog will appreciate the time spent outside, too. The puppy won’t have much energy to waste once you’re home.

They say a tired dog is an obedient one. Also, it won’t disturb you as much if exhausted. Make sure you install some bleeding in your home office for your puppy to lie on.

Lastly, if you don’t have the luxury to make bigger pauses, try walking your puppy in short bursts.

#4 Training your puppy

We’re not trying to sound like your parents, but ensure your doggie behaves well. You’ll need to teach it some basic commands. For example, your puppy learning the famous stay! command is a must. Also, let’s not forget down! and sit! Imagine you’ve got clients over in your home office. With a well-behaved dog, you’re one step closer to sealing the deal.

Teaching your puppy basic commands isn’t just practical. As a matter of fact, it’s a great way to stimulate your dog’s brain. Instead of trying your luck with long training sessions, it’s better you do something else. Make the sessions short, but more frequent. Don’t forget to motivate your little buddy with some cool snacks. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time teaching your puppy.

#5 Take different walking routes (on weekends)

Taking the same route each day will bore both you and your puppy. During weekdays, you don’t have much choice really. It’s your nearby park and the local gang of fellow dog owners. That is why you should stir things up a bit on weekends. You can take different routes or visit new parks and places.

Also, are you by any chance an outdoors fanatic? If so, why shouldn’t you enjoy some fantastic nature accompanied by your doggie? Dogs enjoy the outdoors just as much as humans do. If you’re afraid something could go wrong, visit this page. There’s nothing to worry about if you have the right info.

#6 Your puppy needs some friends, too

Socializing is very important to our four-legged buddies. In other words: your puppy needs to meet fellow dogs. For instance, you can visit local dog-related events once a week. Also, it’s really great if you’ve got some friends that have dogs. Arrange playdates once every two weeks or less.

You can try socializing yourself. Get to know the dog crowd at the park. Don’t worry, there’s no need to get intimate or overly personal. It’s just good you know you can count on some support in your local area.

#7 Dog-friendly calming music

Did you know dogs can enjoy ambient music? It will help reduce your doggie’s anxiety while you work. You’re bound to enjoy those sounds, too! The music will help you concentrate and stay focused on work.

Where to find such music? Just type calming dog music or ambient dog music in your YouTube search bar. Select the one which has the cutest puppy on the cover and see if it works out!

How to work from home with a puppy – 7 Productivity tips you need

Okay, let’s go through the main issues of the article one more time. So, what were the tips on how to work from home with a puppy?

  • Introduce anti-routine to your puppy’s life! Make sure your puppy doesn’t expect to go out for a walk at a certain time.
  • Set up distractions around the house! Rubber bones sometimes filled with treats are an evergreen hit.
  • Exercise is crucial! Take your puppy out for a 30-minute walk at least three times a day.
  • Teach your puppy basic commands! Sit, stay, and down.
  • Try something new each weekend! Avoid monotony, take your puppy somewhere new.
  • Get your dog to meet new friends! Socialize with fellow dog owners.
  • Play dog-friendly calming ambient music! You’re bound to enjoy it, too.

That’s about it on handling your puppy while working from home! Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this as much as the last one!

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