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Here’s a surprising fact! For some folks, vacation isn’t necessarily synonymous with not earning. That’s right. Many individuals like to earn a little extra income while enjoying their holiday. None of these work-on-the-go gigs, of course, require folks to devote much of their time. Also, none of them demand you invest much effort either.

Okay, so what’s the deal here? What’s up with all this earn-some-easy-money-online talk? Here’s the thing: we’ve prepared a neat little text for you. In it, you’ll find 9 ways you can make money on vacation. Needless to say, we’re certain you’ll enjoy this one!

There are many ways you can make money on vacation. Take part in paid online surveys for some extra cash. You can sell some vacation pics as stock photography. If you like to write or proofread, there are plenty of gigs you can do. Lastly, the most natural thing to do might be to simply become a travel blogger. 

Now, now. That can’t be the whole of it, right? Right. Keep on reading to find out how you can earn some money while on vacation!

Table of Contents

#1 Sell your vacation photos online

Okay, we’re not saying you should sell your family vacation pics or anything similar. That would be a rather rude thing to do, right? That’s why we suggest you take some stock photos while you’re vacationing. You’ll have your trusty camera hanging around your neck, so why shouldn’t you give it a shot?

Many folks around the globe earn money from selling stock photos on various websites. Websites that allow these transactions, that is. Most websites you’ll stumble upon on the web are full of stock photos. Even this one, too. It’s safe to say that the demand is pretty darn high!

See if there’s anything interesting, yet high in demand. Every scene you find is somehow related to the content you’d like to see on the web… There’s your shot! For instance, you can take photos of vacation homes, folks playing volleyball at the beach, etc.

So, what are you waiting for? Create an account on one of the stock-photo online platforms. Grab your camera. Hunt for some distinct imagery. Simple as that!

#2 Proofreading gigs

Dreamed of becoming a newspaper editor one day? Is everyone always accusing you of being a grammar snob? If both your answers are YES, here’s a suggestion. Why don’t you try landing some proofreading gigs? It’s one line of work that’s in demand more than ever before.

Online platforms such as Upwork offer proofreaders a place to earn some fine income. As we’ve said earlier, these gigs are pretty high in demand. Many websites want their copy to look perfect. Oh, and we’re not talking about texts written in English only. Whatever language you’re speaking beside it can only be a plus.

Imagine a certain company wants to broaden its business. Their next target is your place of birth. They’ve hired some freelance translators to optimize the website for your country. No matter how good these folks are, the company will need someone to proofread the website’s copy. That’s exactly where you come into the picture!

#3 Transcription gigs

Has anyone ever told you that you’re a good listener? If that happens quite often, you’re not only a good person. Nope. You’re also a perfect person for landing some transcription gigs. Here’s a brief summary of the job: you’ll transform sound into text.

Also, are you a fast typer? We ask that because you’ll wanna be one before you set out on your first transcription adventure. Here’s a longer description of the position we’re talking about in this paragraph. You’ll need to listen to some audio or video recording. Simultaneously, you’ll have to type out everything you hear with great accuracy. Sometimes, you’ll even have to write down every uh or um you hear on the recording.

You might be wondering: what’s the most popular format a transcriptionist works with? Here’s your answer: various podcasts, business meetings, lectures, interviews, and so on. If all of this sounds easy to you – don’t hesitate to give it a try! It’s certainly easier than working from home with a pet!

A man working from the beach, while on vacation.

#4 Take part in paid online surveys

Here’s one for folks that just love to express their opinion in this or that manner. Not only will they have the chance to do that, but they’ll also earn some money! Taking part in paid online surveys might just become your favorite way to earn an extra income. If you’re wondering how to make money on vacation, this is the way to do it.

Why do we say this? It’s because surveys are a pretty popular option among the worldwide internet community. Now, we can’t really say anyone sees paid online surveys as their sole source of income. Still, many folks earn some good money by simply answering certain questions.

So, how do these surveys work? Well, you’ll first have to register on one of the platforms that offer this kind of service. Next up, you’ll receive invitations to complete specially-picked-out-for-you surveys. As it’s implied, these invitations will be based on your skills and preferences.

Payment’s done mostly through PayPal, Payoneer, or other online platforms. However, one can also get paid via various gift cards. Some platforms offer the option of donating the money you’ve won with surveys to charity. All in all: doing this won’t take much of your time, so it’s an ideal gig to do while on vacation!

If you’re interested in learning about the downsides and upsides of flexible working hours… Yeah, just follow the highlighted link.

#5 Managing social media

There’s no need to underline the importance of social media in today’s global society. That being said, one can assume that the position of social media manager is pretty high in demand. And one would be absolutely right to say so!

Are you used to checking Facebook and Instagram on an hourly basis? If that’s so, this might be an ideal gig for your sensibilities! There isn’t a single company out there that doesn’t count on this or that social media platform. Needless to say, they greatly depend on their public presentation.

So, you’d still be checking your social media even if you were on vacation, right? Guess you wouldn’t have a hard time updating social media accounts other than your own? If you agree, here’s your chance to make some money while on vacation!

#6 Graphic design gigs

Know how to work your way around Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator? If you don’t, are you keen on learning new stuff? We ask since there are a ton of graphic design tutorials you can complete without having to pay any fees. In other words: there are awesome free courses for you to brush up on your graphic design skills!

We mentioned earlier the importance of social media in contemporary society. So, what about the importance of visual and aesthetic presentation? We could spend days on end talking about it. Without ever grasping the full scope of the issue, that is. Anyway, if you’re a visual person and know how to recognize bad design… Yup, this might just be an ideal career opportunity for you.

Many so-called digital nomads travel around the world with their laptops. You’ll find out that quite a lot of them are in this line of work. You can easily set your life to permanent vacation mode. Got the cult movie reference?

#7 Freelance writing gigs

Don’t you just love to write? Okay, that was kinda naive of us to ask. But, still, do you have something of a passion for typing out words on the keyboard? Also, are you interested in a lot of topics, without being fetishistic about only one? If your answers form one loud YES, freelance writing’s your niche of choice!

Websites depend on the content they offer to their visitors. Without quality content, there are no visitors, no conversions, no nothin’. That’s where your supreme writing skills are needed. Would it hurt to write about 1000 words worth of content each vacation day? We guess not.

If you’re looking for an easy way to make money while on vacation, try freelance content writing. You’ll find a ton of clients on online platforms, such as the aforementioned Upwork!

#8 Become a travel blogger

This one kinda wrote itself. If your job’s to write about being on a vacation, how do you differentiate between the two? Do you spend your time off work sealed inside your apartment for days? Jokes aside, there’s a good chance you’ll never see an unhappy travel blogger.

Anyway, if travel blogging becomes your thing, it’s safe to say you’ll enjoy the work you do. More than most folks that allegedly enjoy their work do, that is! Also, you won’t ever have to read another article telling you what to do on your vacation. You’ll easily earn money just by visiting the places you wanted to see.

If blogging about travel and everything related to it isn’t your thing, here’s a suggestion. Start a poetry blog! Your travels will surely inspire some fresh verses!

#9 VA (Virtual Assistant) gigs

Last but not least, we’ve got the so-called VA (Virtual Assistant) line of work. It mightn’t seem like the most appealing type of work to do while on vacation. However, many online businesses offer this kind of employment. 

So, what does a VA do? Well, we’re talking about various tasks. Everything from bookkeeping, through online research, all the way to email management. If you don’t mind doing any of these while you’re vacationing, go for it!

Parting thoughts

Okay, we’re pretty close to the southern margin of this article. These were the ways you can make some money on vacation! There are a lot of opportunities waiting for you. You only need to grab the right one for yourself. The one that suits your needs perfectly.

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