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Last updated: 16.08.2022.

This Cookie Policy shows how Shoppanel (located at uses cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies to recognize visitors when they access Our Website. In addition, this Cookie Policy provides information on the type of cookies We use, why We use them, as well as how visitors of Our Website can control them. 

We reserve the right to change this Policy from time to time which is why We encourage the visitors of Our Website to re-visit this page regularly in order to stay informed about the use of cookies and similar technologies on Our Website. The date at the top of this page will indicate when Our Cookie Policy was last updated. 

Disclaimer: To make things easier for Our users, We translated all Our legal documents from English to different languages using machine translation. In some cases, machine translation can lead to accuracy issues. If there are any parts of this policy You don’t understand and need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact Us.


The words with the first letter capitalized are defined under the following definitions. 

  • Website – Refers to the website located at;
  • We (“Us”, “Our”, “Company”) – Refers to the Company Opinodo, located at Svanvej 22, Copenhagen, Denmark;
  • You (“Your”) – Refers to any individual who is accessing Our Website;
  • Device – Refers to any device that is being used to access Our Website.

The following definitions are applicable to both singular and plural. 


Shoppanel, like many other professional websites, uses cookies. Cookies are small pieces of data that are downloaded and stored on Your computer (or other smart Devices you’re using) when You access Our Website. Cookies can be set by the website owner and by third parties. 

  • Cookies set by the website owner (first-party cookies) are widely used for making the website function properly and improve the users’ experience when they access Our website. 
  • Third-party cookies (cookies set by parties other than the website owner) are set for enabling third-party features on the website in question.

It is possible to prevent the setting of cookies by adjusting the settings on Your browser. However, if You choose to disable cookies, You may experience the downgrade or total failure of some of the Website’s elements. To learn more about adjusting and/or disabling cookies on Your browser, please check “HOW TO DISABLE OR ADJUST COOKIE SETTINGS?”. 


There are several reasons why We are using first-party and third-party cookies on Our Website. Some cookies are required for the Website to function properly. These cookies are called “essential” cookies. Other cookies help Us improve the users’ experience when they are on Our Website. They are here to help You log into Your profile, protect Your security, detect and fight spam and abuse on Our Website. Third-party cookies are necessary for online-advertising purposes and analytics.

Below, You can learn more about the types of cookies We use on Our Website.


Necessary cookies

Necessary cookies are required for the Website to function properly. They anonymously ensure basic functionalities and security features on the Website.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies are necessary for ensuring some functionalities, such as collecting feedback, sharing the Website content on social networks, or other third-party features.

Third-party cookies

In some cases, third parties may place cookies (third-party cookies) on users’ Devices in order to serve advertising through Our Website. These parties may collect information about the user’s visits to Our and other websites in order to provide them with relevant advertisements that the user will find interesting and useful.

In addition, this site uses Google Analytics to help Us understand how Our visitors are using the Website and how We can improve their experience. These cookies may track things, such as the type of pages users are visiting or how much time they are spending on a specific page. For more information about Google Analytics cookies, please visit the official Google Analytics page.

Flash cookies (Local Shared Objects)

In some cases, We may use Flash cookies, also known as LSO – Local Shared Objects. Flash cookie is stored on a user’s Device when the browser requests content supported by the browser plugin called Adobe Flash. These cookies differ from “regular” cookies in the amount of data they store and how You can delete them.

If You don’t want Flash cookies to be stored on Your Device, visit the  Website Storage Settings Panel or follow the instructions on Global Storage Settings Panel to learn how to block them. Keep in mind that restricting or limiting Flash cookies may reduce the functionality of some Flash applications.

Other tracking technologies

Apart from cookies, We may use similar tracking technologies, such as web beacons. Web beacons are tiny graphics files that contain a unique identifier that enable Us to recognize when someone has visited Our Websites or opened an e-mail including them. 

Web beacons are here to help Us understand better the users’ behavior, improve the performance of Our Website, and measure the success of Our email marketing campaigns.


It is recommended to accept all cookies as they are here to improve the user’s experience on the Website. However, every user has the right to accept or reject different categories of cookies by setting their preferences in the Cookie Consent Manager. Essential (or strictly necessary) cookies can not be rejected as they are necessary for helping the Website function properly. 

Those who choose to reject cookies may face some difficulties when using Our Website. In addition, access to some areas of the Website may be restricted. It is possible to change the cookie settings in the browser even after disabling cookies. 

To learn more about controlling cookies and opting out of the targeted advertising, please visit or

Changing browser settings for cookies

If You would like to change Your browser settings to determine which websites can place cookies on Your Devices, You can learn more about it from the websites listed below. Keep in mind that if You have visited this website before, You may already have cookies placed on Your Device and will have to delete them.


If You want to learn more about the use of cookies on Our Website, please feel free to contact Us via We will get back to You as quickly as possible!