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In feng shui, parts of the home define areas of one’s life. The office and desk, for instance, are related to one’s career. If you want to give your professional life a boost, you may want to take a peek at what’s going on in this part of your home. Also, you want to make some changes so that it is more confirming of your intentions.

Are you setting up a new workspace or looking for a refresh for your current space? Here are a couple of feng shui tips for optimizing your home office.

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What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the Chinese practice of creating balance and harmony in the space in which you live. It teaches you how to optimize the energy flow and helps you find peace.

To apply Feng Shui, you need to bring five basic natural elements into your home – water, metal, fire, wood, and earth. What is most important in this Chinese teaching is to establish a balance between these 5 elements.

Feng Shui in your home office?

Now, let’s focus on some tips to create good Feng Shui at home. There are 3 tips in general. After that, we focus only on the home office. Stay tuned for more details below!

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#1 The path to the front door must be clean

In Feng Shui, the front door represents” the mouth of qi ”-the place where energy enters your home. Positive energy is waiting outside the door for you to clear its path and welcome it to your home.

So, always keep the path to your front door clear and clean. Do this before you do anything else. 

#2 Learn the command position

The command position allows you to be ready for anything that may come. This is a position of power where you can see who or what is entering. You place your bed or your desk diagonally from the door.

It is vitally important to learn the command position, by all means. Keep this in mind! 

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#3 Clear the clutter in all the rooms

Feng Shui is all about maintaining a balance between the five natural elements in a home. And if your house is not organized, it can lead to unorganized thoughts that can burden you.

A clear space allows your mind to wander freely. This also helps to make the most of natural light.

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#4 Place your desk for success

You’ll want to make sure that the desk is in the order or commanding position. This indicates that you can see the door to the room while you’re sitting at it, without being straight in line with the door.

This lets you feel more in command of your life and career because you can see anything that may be approaching. The command position operates on a subconscious level, by all means. This is true even if you aren’t anticipating guests in your home office. 

If you can’t arrange your desk in this way, you can put a mirror. Do this so that you look at the reflection of the door while sitting at your desk. Moving your desk is soundest, though, so do that if you can!

#5 Assemble good flow

Stay alert to the flow in your home office. Is there sufficient space around your desk? Are there any obstacles that stop you from reaching your desk chair easily? Pay close attention to this! 

This could define blocks and could mean that you are making things unnecessarily challenging for yourself. If you do see any physical blocks or barriers, see if you can release or rearrange them. You want to approach your desk and your career with ease and have room around you to grow.

#6 Pick the best desk

When it comes to picking a desk for your home office, what to do? Well, it’s best to have one that is solid and sturdy, which will help you build more stability in your career. Make sure it’s also large enough for you to work on comfortably. This goes without saying!

In a perfect world, you’ll want to avoid desks with a glass surface. Why is that? Well, because any innovative thoughts and projects can energetically fall through and get lost. Be aware of this at all times.

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#7 Pick a supportive chair

Search for a chair that has a high back. That will deliver more support in your work life. This is the unwritten rule! Make sure it’s also something that is comfortable to sit in! Ideally, your chair will have back support too!

If you like and want to, you can also consider the 5 element colors. Moreover, you can choose a chair that embodies an element you’d like to invite into your work.

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#8 Utilize the Bagua on your desk

You may be acquainted with the feng shui Bagua. That is a mandala consisting of 8 spots around a center. It’s usually put over rooms. Still, it can also be placed on a desk. 

Placing the Bagua on your desk can present clues as to what may be occurring in other areas of your career. You can also look at where clutter tends to collect. For instance, do things usually pile up in the wealth and abundance corner in the top left? 

This may indicate that your wealth may be tied up. Do you usually have chaos in the top right corner? That is linked to relationships? This may signify a block in your relationships or partnerships.

Or perhaps, is the far-middle area the most chaotic? That area is the fame and honor area. This may mean you are not being seen for the work you are doing. 

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#9 Activate the wealth corner

One of the spots of the feng shui Bagua is the prosperity and abundance corner. It is called Xun in Chinese. This spot is quite popular, and triggering it can invite more fortune and prosperity to flow to you.

To locate the wealth corner of your office, mind a few things. Try to stand in the entrance facing in and see the left corner most distant from you. You can also find the wealth corner of the desk in the same way.

This will be particularly helpful if your workspace is a desk in a shared or multifunctional room. To activate the wealth corner, try putting an amethyst or citrine crystal close with intention.

#10 Elevate the fame area

The fame and glory area is called Li in Chinese. This one is bound to how you are noticed and recognized by others. To discover it, visualize a three-by-three grid camouflaged on your space or desktop.

The fame area is the middle section along the far side when looking into your office or sitting at your desk. Do you feel like you are often ignored at work and want to be recognized more in your line of work?

In that case, this can be a useful place to activate. You can do this by incorporating something red into this part of your office. For instance, you can even add a houseplant.

#11 Desk blotter

You might also want to count a desk blotter. This is good to fetch in more earth element traits like balance and stability. Select a color you’re drawn to most. Or choose one according to the element that you wish to invite in:

  • Water element: Black for inner instinct, knowledge, and social relations
  • Wood element: Green or blue for change, new beginnings, and renewal
  • Earth element: Yellow or brown for nutrition, limits, and support
  • Metal element: White for accuracy, organization, and magnificence
  • Fire element: Red for motivation, passion, and honor

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#12 Bring in plenty of light

Before you settle in, know this critical Feng Shui rule. Encountering the window indicates your qi or energy is always flowing out of the room. So, your possibilities are truly slipping away. Moreover, when the desk is facing the window, you are no longer in an assertive role, with your back to the door.

Likewise, remember, the main goal of your room is to work and not daydream or get diverted. A chair by the window will do precisely that. In a home library or an office, this may appear tempting, but in terms of career gains, it will have none.

That said, Feng Shui does highlight the significance of having natural light in the room. Set your workstation by the side of the window. Do this to appreciate the sun throughout the day, per se.