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Take a look at these 9 easy things to make and sell for money. With the tiniest investment, you can do many of these business concepts from home. Yes, there are many handcrafted items. Some of these crafts, even the most non-technical and creative person, can pull off. Some of these are lucrative once you have the specialized know-how to scale these ideas.

Let’s examine ideas for things to make and sell online. You will find tips for every skill level, from novice to advanced crafter.

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Things to make and sell for money

#1 T-shirts and printed merch

This is a design business for non-designers. Are you searching for a (nearly) hands-off outcome to make and sell? If so, a t-shirt enterprise could be the way for you. Your digital art can be printed onto different goods. Those goods can be t-shirts, coffee mugs, tote bags, keychains, and many more.

These are then shipped to your shoppers. Are you looking for a more handcrafted feel? Think about comprehending the art of screen printing. If you do that, you could print your designs at home or in a studio.

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#2 Sweets

Let’s focus on cookies, candy, baked stuff, chocolates, and jams. You can bake and whirl sugar into infinite items to make and sell online or in person. This is a category with special difficulties.

For instance, that can be lawfulness, labeling, and shelf life. Still, there is also tons of room to get innovative, by all means. Niche markets contain holidays, custom, trendy items, catering, pet delights, and gift baskets. Local craftwork fairs are the perfect testing your new sweets industry.

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#3 Art and prints

To be an artist in this day and age is simply terrific. Creator means selling venues let artists sell their products directly to fans. You can sell photographs, digital printables, sculptures, and fabric art online.

Are you looking to sell authentic fine art or replicas? You can find the business prototype that works best for you. Perhaps you can check out Etsy or Creative Market. Take the advantage of this amazing opportunity now.

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#4 Soaps

Everyone needs to get clean, by all means. Still, when we select a rich, homemade way to do it, bathing is simply much more fun. Notably, handcrafted soap has become a hugely widespread artisanal endeavor. Moreover, it is one of the most prevailing things to sell from home.

What is the soundest part about making and marketing soap? Well, it is that you can do it even if you’re a child at home cuddling a cat. These were the terms of 8-year-old Ava Heath-Williams, who understood how to make soap with the help of YouTube videos. She turned that knowledge into an online enterprise named Dancing Owl Soaps.

#5 Traditional handmade goods

Leather tooling, furniture making, and needlework. These are all classic mediums with blossoming markets. The backlash against mass exhibition is driving fads back to slow fare and making unique goods such as pearl necklaces for men.

Many of these occupations need talents sharpened over time, by all means. Still, access your inner creator and learn a new business. You can do that through online tutorials or local university workshops.

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#6 Tote bags

Tote bags are a superb trend, by all means. Similarly to t-shirts, tote bags can be made with very little hands-on effort. Just upload your doodles or designs to a print-on-demand site. After you do that, your orders will be automatically fulfilled.

Are you experienced at sewing? If yes, you can make totes bags from scratch utilizing canvas or reclaimed materials. Likewise, try craft methods like screen printing, for applique to give them a special hint. You can find a bunch of trendy tote bags on Etsy, eBay, and Amazon.

#7 Paper products

There are no limits when it comes to starting a DIY craft business with paper. Fantastic ideas for paper craftwork comprise paper blooms, sculptures, greeting cards, stickers, and more. Test various projects to uncover your niche.

Paper crafts vary from elementary to advanced, per se. For instance, paper-making from recycled pulp and complex cutouts using a Cricut device. Think about this as it is an amazing opportunity for making money for sure.

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#8 DIY tutorials and online courses

Let’s think about spreading the joy of handcraft to others. You can achieve that by making and selling online courses. People like you will be searching for concepts for things to make and sell. Why not satisfy the market?

You can also present free videos or quick DIY tutorials as a marketing strategy. Notably, you can do this to drive clients to paid content. Think about teaching sewing, and soap making, either as an on-demand tape or live classes.

9 Easy things to make and sell for money

#9 Candles

It is calculated that the global demand for candles will be worth $16 billion by 2031. It’s a crowded market, for sure. Still, there are many niches to investigate. Those niches are spiritual, eco-friendly, scented, birthday, beeswax, and more.

There are a bunch of online DIY tutorials for beginner candle makers. This truly goes without saying! Note that elemental melt-and-pour methods need no prior craft skills. That makes candle-making one of the easiest concepts.


  • Acquire certification and utilize safety labeling. Focus on the nature of candle use, and the high risks of fire damage. So, protect your craft business from civil lawsuits that may result from the usage of your item.
  • Tap into a niche to be unique in a packed market. 
  • Take a closer look at branding and packaging. Candles don’t vary much from an ingredient standpoint. Still, your outcome can stand apart with eCommerce packaging and fierce branding design. Even cheap Mason jars can be dressed up with innovative tags.
  • Think about delivering customization to clients. You can make custom gifts or favors with their own messaging and more. This is quite profitable. 

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How do I find trendy things to make and sell?

Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube are fantastic sources for trends in handcrafted items. There you can find some cool step-by-step tutorials to get started.

Google Trends and enterprise reports are also terrific sources to help find trendy handcrafted items. Think about seasonality when founding your business. Things trending at Christmas might not have the same need year-round.

What handcrafted things make money online?

This relies on a couple of elements. Be sure there is a market demand for your stuff. Also, make sure that you comprehend the pricing strategy. Lastly, check that your spin on the outcome offers exceptional value above your rivals.

A business plan and financial plan are helpful records. They help you plan your enterprise and calculate your future profit. You can get a planner that will always be on your desk. 

How do I price crafts and handcrafted goods?

There are easy instructions for setting a retail price for your products. These factor in all of your expenses (fabrics, labor, overhead) and a markup. Yet, there are numerous other strategies for establishing prices.

Think about the originality of your items as well as perceived value. Verified artists, for instance, can convey higher retail costs for items of similar size and effort. This is mainly due to demand and cachet.

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Where can I sell my handcrafted stuff?

There are many sites where you can sell your handcrafted products. What’s more, you don’t need to select just one. You can sell online, in person, and everyplace in between. Get to a broader audience by starting your own eCommerce shop.

On the flip side, you can sell via an online marketplace (think Etsy shop) or at handcrafted markets. It’s as easy as that! 

Note: The lowest price is not usually the most appealing to shoppers. This is especially true in handcrafted areas. Here, clients are particularly looking for high-quality, one-of-a-kind products. So, they are really ready to pay for them, by all means.