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Whether you’re new to this or not – online typing jobs are one of the best side hustles you can try to earn more money from home. And why is it so? It’s because the majority of these jobs can be done with zero experience. The terms are usually pretty flexible, and you get to decide the part of the day you wish to work at.

You can browse the globe for gigs while sitting at your home. It is to say, the job market is not geographically limited. Some of these jobs offer better payment better than others. And to be fair, there are jobs you can do without literally breaking a sweat. But, others might require some kind of preparation at least.

So, you might wish to make more money for a vacation or simply increase your monthly income. It doesn’t matter, we got you covered! Read about these 7 typing jobs to find the one that suits you best.

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1. Earn money as a freelance writer

You maybe heard about blogging to be a lucrative profession and you likely even read some blogs yourself. But, probably you consider it to be harder than it is. Becoming a freelance writer is one of the most commonly mentioned online typing jobs on the web. There are real ways to make money from blogging, and we’ll help you understand how.

To start off, you should have at least some tendency towards it. If you hate writing and have an aversion to it, then no amount of convincing will make you enjoy this job. Decide what kind of a writer you want to be. A copywriter, a content writer, or a specialized topic writer.

How to start making money as an online writer?

To find your first clients, you will need a portfolio of your work. You can make one yourself by investigating interesting topics and writing about them. Once you got your articles in one place, you can start applying for writing jobs. And don’t expect to earn a lot from your first gigs.

You can find writing gigs on various freelance platforms, such as “Upwork”, and “Fiverr”, or by searching for online job ads.

Once you got some experience and skills, you can move to another level. Start exploring writing tools and stay up with SEO (search engine optimization) trends – this will help you raise your rates.

2. Transcription gigs

Transcription gigs are one of those online typing jobs you can do to make money online as a beginner. All you need to start is a computer and decent listening and typing skills. Of course, basic grammar and punctuation knowledge is presumed.

And what do transcription gigs look like? Well, you’re most likely to get a video/audio file that needs to be transcribed. You’ll need your complete focus to catch every line you hear on the file.

These jobs are not amongst the highest-paid online jobs for sure. But, they’re fairly easy to do. You can find most of these jobs on freelancing platforms. But also, you can check a couple of transcribing companies such as “Rev” and “TranscribeMe”.

There are many (free) transcription courses you can take later on to improve your transcribing skills. And you might want to consider using transcription tools as well, as this will save you time and enable you to land higher-paying gigs. 

3. Data entry jobs

Roughly said, data entry is a kind of job that requires you to fill out various databases with certain information. This type of job usually requires no special skills, but one should know the foundations of Microsoft Office Excel at least. Nevertheless, if you know how to use a computer and its basic programs, this job shouldn’t be too hard for you.

If you have great attention to detail and are able to meet deadlines, you should qualify for an entry-level job position. Choose a trusted company to land your first data entry job and earn some money online. A couple of well-known companies to look for this type of job are “FlexJobs”,  “Microworkers”, “Scribie”, and “Fiverr”.

To become better at data entry, you can start by improving your typing skills. Then, you should consider using some data entry tricks to make your job easier. Such as finding different shortcuts in programs you use to save you time.

A person sitting in a cafe and typing on a laptop.

4. Complete surveys for money

If you’ve never heard of paid online surveys before, now is the time to wow you. So, you can literally be anywhere and earn money. Driving in a bus, sipping juice on the beach, or waiting in a boring line – it doesn’t matter. Moreover, it’s irrelevant what part of the day/night it is. You might not get rich with paid surveys, but you will earn some extra money for sure.

So, what’s the catch, and how to make money online with paid surveys?

Well, let us put it this way. Companies that have specific products/services are willing to pay for customers’ feedback. This can help them better shape future products and fix any current imperfections. And here’s your chance to earn money by sharing your opinion online.

Websites such as Survimo, Digiopinion, or Survey Junkie are your “go-to” place if you want to check what’s it all about. But bear in mind, you will not qualify for each survey. It’s important for you to fill out your profile completely and honestly, so you could receive only the best-matching surveys.

You can always read this article to find more tips on how to make money with paid surveys, it’s worth your time.

5. Customer support chat

Becoming a chat support agent is one of the online typing jobs that are perfect for beginners. Of course, prior experience is a plus. But, if you can type relatively fast, know your grammar, and have great communication skills – you got what it takes for this job.

This job role requires you to answer customers’ requests and solve any existing issues. To be able to do so, you need to know the company you work for well. It might take you some time to get to know all the procedures and how the firm works, but it’s worth it. You can always go with more general chat support jobs in the beginning.

The best places to find chat support jobs are websites such as “CrowdChat”, “The Chat Shop”, “Upwork”, and “Amazon”.

6. Become a virtual assistant

The job of a virtual assistant can include a variety of administrative work. They can be hired by a company as occasional workers when needed since they work independently. More and more virtual assistants are needed in general. And many companies and entrepreneurs in different industries need help with their businesses.

The most common virtual assistant jobs are:

  • Managing daily appointments
  • Email organization and correspondence with clients
  • Providing digital marketing services (content writing, social media management…)
  • Handling bookkeeping duties
  • Making travel arrangements

And the list goes on, as there are no exact rules to what a virtual assistant does. So, as long as you are tech-literate, and can easily handle new software it shouldn’t be that hard to get this job.

You can look for virtual assistant gigs on websites such as “Indeed”, “Fancy Hands”, “VirtuDesk”, and “Upwork”.

7. Proofreading and editing texts

Proofreading is a job that requires you to check someone else’s text for grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. Text editing, on the other hand, implies you should check and correct these grammar mistakes. As well as rewrite parts of the text to make it sound better and easier to understand.

So, it’s natural to say that these online typing jobs require excellent knowledge of the English language and good attention to detail. However, it is possible to become a proofreader and text editor with no experience.

Get started as a proofreader with no experience

To feel more confident when searching for this job, you can go through some quick and free online proofreading courses. You can check some courses on “Udemy”. Read general style guides as well to help you better grasp what to look for. And learn how to edit the text in Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

Once you got a hold of things, determine what will be your niche (medical, legal, science, etc.) and focus on it. This will help you stand out and earn more. You might need to do some pro-bono work at first to build up your portfolio. However, once the trial phase is done, you can raise your rates and make good money as a proofreader and text editor.

Final thoughts on easy typing jobs

Now more than ever, working from home is possible. Whether it’s a full-time job or just a side gig, you can earn money from online typing jobs easily. If you’re new to this concept of work, check out these work-from-home tips to make your new job routine better.