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Many people all around the world share a common dream. It’s to earn money (online) without paying anything. As one can assume, this ain’t so surprising at all. Quite the contrary! With all the advancements in technology, earning money on the go is more than possible.

Anyway, you’ve probably seen that introduction a lot of times. Nothing new & original on that front, right? However, we’ll try to make it up to you. In the article you’re about to read, we’ll show you some valuable tips on earning money. Prick up your ears to learn how to earn money online without paying anything!

Earning money without having to invest a single cent was never easier. So, shall we begin?

Table of Contents

#1 Write online reviews

That’s right, some companies will pay you to post reviews on their (or third-party) websites. Reviews of their products, that is. Other businesses will pay you to examine & review the website themselves. You’ll do an honest review of the sites’ functionality & performance. Putting the focus on their website’s UX and loading time is what companies value the most.

So, how much do folks earn by writing online reviews? Well, it will all depend on the marketplace you work with. Also, the methods you’ll use to test either products or methods will have to be considered, too. Usually, you’ll get paid more if you opt for one-on-one testing sessions with clients. These are mostly done via video conferencing, therefore – they’re online.

Okay, and where do you sign up for this? Here are some platforms you’ll want to check out:

  • UserTesting. It’s all about apps, websites, and UX. If you didn’t know, UX stands for User Experience.
  • TryMyUI. This platform is for user impressions and survey-based testing.
  • Testbirds. You’ll be mostly examining digital products and mobile apps.

To answer the most popular question: they’re all free. In other words, you won’t have to cough up bucks for a sign-up fee. It requires no investment. Also, you won’t have to make this very year a time-to-save-some-money year.

#2 Try stock photography

If you’re an avid recreational photographer, this might be the ideal option for you. Even though this requires you have a good camera, we’ve listed it here. A good smartphone camera might do the trick, too. Also, it would be good if you had some Adobe Photoshop skills. In order to make your photos even better, that is.

For all we know, you could already have thousands of photos on your HD. Anyway, know that you could try selling those to stock agencies. That way, you can earn some good money. Each time someone downloads your photo, you get a commission. It’s either a fixed amount or a percentage determined by the stock photo platform in question.

Our suggestion is that you focus on a particular theme. Building a solid collection on the subject. Also, here’s where you’ll try to sell your photos:

  • Shutterstock. The world’s most famous stock photo platform.
  • Unsplash. The world’s most famous free stock photo platform.

All in all: if you love being behind the camera, this might be an ideal option for you.

#3 Paid online surveys

We reckon that amongst our readers, there are many that enjoy voicing their opinion. If you belong to that group, we’ve got a suggestion you can’t afford to overlook. Haven’t tried earning money for free with paid online surveys? It might the right to begin!

So, what’s the deal with paid online surveys? Basically, you’re getting paid to answer questions. This ain’t a high school test exam, so there are no wrong answers. You don’t have to study, too. All you’ll need to do is honestly voice your opinions on certain subjects and that’s it!

What kind of subjects are we talking about? Usually, you’ll have to share your thoughts about certain products. Nowadays, companies require your honest opinion about the way their products are designed. Therefore, besides making money, you’ll also make the market more user-friendly.

Can you get rich by doing paid online surveys? Unfortunately, nope. However, it’s a fantastic way to earn some money on the side. If you’re a retiree or in college, there’s no reason not to try this option.

Most online survey platforms will pay you via PayPal. Also, instead of cash, you can choose various discount coupons or vouchers. Lastly, if that’s more your style, you can even donate the money you earn to charity. Here’s where you can begin your journey.

Three friends going online to earn money without paying anything.

#4 Become an affiliate marketer

Do you have your own blog? If so, this might be an ideal way to earn money online without paying. That’s right, you can become an affiliate marketer. In other words, you can direct your customers to a certain company’s products and get paid! If your redirected blog visitor buys the product, you earn a commission, simple as that.

However, your website/blog will need to possess a good amount of traffic. If that’s already taken care of, sign up for affiliate programs within your niche. Whether you specialize in outdoor activities or extreme sports – it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you supply your readers with fascinating content.

Here’s a quick tip: before you sign up for any affiliate programs, build content first. Without it, there’s a slim chance that you’ll get approved. If you’re running a blog on poetry, make sure it’s top-notch.

#5 Kick-start your own YouTube channel

Think you’ve got the charm to attract many subscribers? If your answer’s a YES, that kind of confidence is a necessity to start your own YouTube channel. As was the case with stock photography, all you’ll need is a camera. Pick out a niche you find the most attractive and create interesting videos.

Earning as a YouTube creator is a great way to make a passive income. Making an account on YouTube and posting content is totally free. So, how does one earn with YouTube? You’ll get paid because of the ads that will show up during and before your videos. Here’s what you’ll have to do in order to make this happen:

  • Your videos will need to reach 1000 views for three consecutive months. The viewers will have to watch at least 4000 hours of watch time altogether. Once that happens, you’ll be able to earn passive income. More videos equal more views equal more ads equals more money you get. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start making quality YouTube videos!

#6 Become an online travel agent

This one sounds a bit weird, doesn’t it? It won’t sound so weird once you start earning some good money off of it. Anyway, you’ll do everything a regular (offline) travel agent does. You’ll help folks plan vacations, weekend getaways, and personal travels.

As we’re sure you know, travel logistics nowadays aren’t all that easy. It takes some wits to organize everything. We’re talking about connecting flights, booking accommodations & tours, etc. You get the point. That’s exactly why many folks rely on travel agents to make their trips a bit easier.

To become an online travel agent, you don’t need any special permissions. Or qualifications, for that matter. All you’ll need are the organizational skills most folks lack. Oh, and speaking of travel, here’s how to make money while on vacation.

#7 Manage social media

If you know your way with social media, others might be looking for your services. Nope, it’s not your friends in dire need of followers. We’re talking about companies that will pay you to manage their social media. Having a social media guru inside your team is a necessity nowadays. Even the birds in the trees can confirm that.

Today, small businesses count on social media to get them through. You’ll find these gigs on platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr. If you’re an Instagram or a TikTok expert, please say so. There are a lot of options waiting for you!

#8 Simply do some Google research

Now, this one doesn’t sound as weird as being an online travel agent. However, it might sound a bit dull. Will someone actually pay you to do some research on Google? Well, as a matter of fact, it turns out that’s quite common. If you’re good at finding some obscure information on Google, this might be the perfect gig for you.

Here’s the thing. There are many businesses in various industries that hire web researchers. They need them to find the most relevant and trusty sources of information. Their clients depend on those sources.

All the things you’ll need are a computer and a good internet connection. But, where do you find these gigs? Here’s an example. Wonder is a company that hires researchers to find quality answers for their clients. These tasks might involve obtaining statistics, explaining market trends, and so on.

Final thoughts

Alright, folks, that’s about all we’ve prepared for today on the subject of free online jobs. Now you know how to earn money online without paying anything. All of the gigs we’ve mentioned above don’t require you to pay a single cent. Anyway, if you’re on the lookout for similar articles, check out our blog page. Until next time!