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It goes a bit something like this! C’mon now, everybody! Papa used to work from home, wherever he laid his laptop was his office… Instead of booing us off stage, you might want to stop and think. Is there more to this than an extremely lame joke?

Actually, there is! Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to work on the go. Even some big companies are saying goodbye to the traditional office setting. So, why should you miss out on being a part of the trend?

For artsy folks, there are graphic design and photography. Needless to mention, both are paid very well. Looking for online work without any experience? Try data entry, online surveys, resume-writing, or translation gigs. Also, technical writing might interest you if you’re an expert in a certain niche.

There’s so much more stuff we want to show you! Keep on reading to find out what’s the deal!

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Why should anyone work on the go?

There’s a chance you might wonder: why’s remote work so important today? You’re not alone in those thoughts. Luckily, we’ll give you the answer you deserve. Aside from the obvious reasons (COVID19 and its consequences), consider the following:

  • Remote work gives employees/freelancers more family time. For example, you don’t waste time commuting to work.
  • It gives folks the ability to travel and work at the same time. Something you could’ve only dreamed of before.
  • Research shows work on the go boosts your productivity. That’s good both for you and your employer/client.
  • Your office is wherever you land your laptop. Although, making yourself a base home office is very important.
  • Employees aren’t so invested in trivial office politics. Less communication equals less conflict.
  • Remote workers have more time to exercise and cook. Therefore, they eat homecooked food and lead healthier lives (in most cases).
  • Lastly, many folks lovably embrace having a flexible schedule. With most remote jobs, you get to choose your working hours.

Of course, it’s not all glitter and gold with remote work. Still, it’s fairly easy to see why’s it so attractive to many people. Okay, so you might ask: alright, where’s all the work? That’s exactly what we’ve prepared for you today. Here are the 9 work-on-the-go ideas for this very year!

A man doing some work on the go, while sitting on his couch.

Work on the go in 2022 – 9 Ideas that pay off

Wondering where to start with your adventure in digital nomadland? Pick out any of the ideas we’ll show you below and you’ll be just fine!

#1 Freelancing champion: graphic design

Let’s take a guess and say you’ve met a lot of graphic designers. That wasn’t something you’d call a shot in the dark. Many folks do this type of work today. Also, there’s a good chance they earn good money selling their work online. Their skills are always needed.

How to get started?

If you’re not familiar with any of the programs designers use, try enrolling in online courses. Many professionals learned the tricks of the trade using this strategy. Not to mention it’s the year 2022, and there’s a course on absolutely anything. Also, you’ll find a lot of free tutorials on YouTube.

These programs (mostly Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop) aren’t that hard to learn. You might as well know some basics already. The sooner you start learning, the sooner you’ll be able to earn some good money.

Where to find work?

Websites like Fiverr or Upwork offer graphic designers lots of opportunities. They’re able to sell their work to clients without much hassle. Don’t hesitate to make a profile on these platforms! Once you feel like you’re ready to start working, that is.

#2 The famous data entry

You’ll hear a lot of folks talking about this branch of work. They mostly mention it when the whole find-work-without-experience thing comes up. There’s a good reason why that is so, data entry jobs don’t demand you have any prior experience.

What’s a data entry job and where to find one?

These jobs mostly consist of typing certain data into digital databases. If you’re a fast typer, this is the ideal work branch for you. So, where does one search for these? Websites we’ve mentioned above are certainly the go-to places.

#3 The ever-amazing world of online surveys

If you’re looking for something of a side-job, online surveys are perfect for you. Tell us one thing: do you like to voice your opinion on a variety of subjects? If so, even better! You’ll have a chance to do just that and earn some bucks.

How’s it done?

First, you’ll need to find a platform. It’s a website that offers rewards (money or coupons, or both) for answering surveys. There’s no need to go further from here. Next up, you’ll just have to free up some time and answer surveys. For each survey you finish, you get points. Later on, you’ll turn them into real money.

As we said, this is a great side-hustle. You can’t expect to earn a living by answering surveys. Still, we don’t want to underestimate your efforts. You might even earn some good money!

#4 Wanted (alive or alive): a quality photographer

Besides graphic design, here’s another artsy addition to this list. Basically, all you need is a good pair of eyes and a camera. Also, a tiny bit of artistic sensibility. Having all of these traits will make you into a good photographer.

How to learn & earn with photography?

As already mentioned, there’s a great number of (free) online courses. Some of them, of course, have photography as their subject. Once you master the craft, you’ll be able to sell your work in various ways. For example, you can sell your work on stock photography websites (Shutterstock, Unsplash, etc.).

Also, you’ll find some location-based jobs involving your camera. For instance, a client on Upwork might want a street scene from your city. Jobs like this one aren’t as rare as one might imagine.

#5 Resume writer, a sought-after profession that will make you popular

Now, this one’s fantastic for college students. If you’re one of them, you’ll earn quite a reputation writing resumes. Not only that, but you’ll also know how to promote yourself in the best way possible. Resume-writers are quite sought-after. Well, it’s only natural things are like that.

Where to learn the trade?

There are a whole lot of interesting articles online about building a quality resume. Most folks either don’t know about ’em or they’re too lazy to read ’em. And that’s exactly where you come into the picture!

#6 Translating your way to serious money

Do you know another language besides English? It doesn’t matter if it’s your motherly tongue or not. What matters is that you know two languages and you can translate text. Why’s that so good?

Translators earn some good money online, believe it or not. Now, don’t worry! It’s not like anyone will ask you to translate a postmodern novel or something. Maybe someone from your country wants to optimize their website for English-speaking users?

So, where…?

We don’t want to repeat ourselves here. We’ll give you a hint: their names start with U and F. What could it be?

#7 With technical writing you might end up in NASA

That might sound too far-fetched, but… Okay, you probably won’t end up in NASA. Still, we don’t leave out the possibility of you finding your way to NASA. So, what’s the deal with technical writing?

A technical writer covers texts that include technical content. Who would’ve thought? Anyway, it means the person will create documents like training courses or manuals. Of course, technical writers need to know very well what they’re writing about. If there’s any niche you’re an expert in, then… You know what to do!

#8 How does virtual recruiting sound?

This one will require you have some experience with recruitment. Also, do you love to serve as a mediator between people? if so, online recruiting might be the niche you’ve been looking for all your life. You’ll be responsible for hooking up the best candidates with their appropriate employers.

How well is it paid?

Virtual recruiters are mostly paid by the percentage. It’s mostly based on the first salary of the talent they’ve found. So, the better-qualified people you find, the more you’ll earn.

#9 Customer service

Do you love helping out folks in trouble? If that’s something you’d wanna do, customer service should interest you. Unfortunately, you won’t have all the flexibility some other remote jobs offer. Still, it’s always good you have some sort of a rhythm.

The best thing about customer service is the job’s dynamic. If that phone’s ringing all of the time, you won’t ever get bored. Not to mention time will pass without you noticing its speed.

Final thoughts

That’s about it, dear readers! Hopefully, you’ll pick out something from the selection above. Whatever you choose, we’re sure you’ll provide yourself with a good start in the world of online work!