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Remember going to work each morning? That’s right, neither do we! Still haven’t made yourself a cozy home office setting? If so, lucky you! Today we’ll show you a selection of tidy home office ideas.

People aren’t so productive while working surrounded by chaos. There’s no need to emphasize that one! Although, let’s be a bit more objective. A chaotic environment might work for some folks. Still, the majority of people work better inside a tidy office space.

Clean your home office inventory using a combo of distilled water and vinegar. Be very gentle when cleaning your office phones and computer screens. They’re very delicate. Also, think about adding floating shelves to your home office walls. Lastly, hide cords using only a couple of simple tricks.

Wondering if there are additional tips we didn’t mention in this preview? Stick around!

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Why are order and tidiness so important inside office space?

Even before the post-covid19 remote work revolution, keeping a tidy office was crucial. There were numerous research studies done on the subject. Most of them gave similar results. Needless to say, scientists have noticed tidiness and minimalism equal greater productivity.

Also, many magazine articles covered this topic for more than a couple of decades. God knows how many words were written on the importance of keeping a tidy desk. We’ll try to sum all that knowledge up! Here’s why office cleanliness should concern you:

  • Research results who that cleanliness improves our mental stability. Folks who like to keep it clean are more focused.
  • As we said, it also increases productivity in individuals and collectives. There’s no motivation in the squalor.
  • Orderly folks are known to enjoy a better good night’s sleep. Working inside a clean space reduces stress, many psychological studies show.
  • Lastly, order and tidiness inside office space lead to healthier food choices. When one thinks about it, it’s only natural!

Hopefully, this was enough to convince even the toughest of chaos-loving folks. As you can clearly see, introducing order to your home office will do wonders for your work life. Most remote workers face difficult challenges while working from here. You’ll easily handle some of them by following tips you’ll see in the text below.

A tidy arrangment of home office materials.

10 Tidy home office ideas to keep your space clean

Okay, now we know why keeping a tidy home office is so important. Let’s check out what are some ideas you could put into practice!

#1 Eating at your home office table is a no-no

Say you’ve ordered your favorite cheddar-jalapeno burger through a certain delivery service. As soon as the doorbell rings, you jump from your table and run towards the front door. Of course, you tip the friendly delivery girl and bounce back. You’re so hungry you don’t even care about plates or anything. You sit down to eat at your working table. Your roommates are going mad in the kitchen, you’re in need of some peace.

If this scenario sounds overly familiar to you, then… Yeah, you might want to end the tradition of eating at your desk. Food might cause a big problem, especially if you’re eating near your keyboard. It gives your household germs a high-five. Not to mention the nasty smell it leaves behind.

#2 Handling the consequences (cleaning your home office desk)

Okay, let’s say you’ve chosen not to eat at your office desk. Here’s what you can do to give it a thorough clean:

  • Clean your desk with a dampened cloth first. Use an anti-bacterial spray to eliminate the bacteria your meals might have invited. You’ve got two options. You can either buy one or make your own. Combine one-half water and one-half white vinegar. This combo works wonders killing germs and bacteria!
  • If you’ve got hard mug stains on your desk, use a hair-dryer to clean them. Just turn it on high and watch as they disappear. Alternatively, rub mayonnaise on the stain. It sounds weird, but it works.

#3 Keeping your home office computer screen clean

There’s rarely anything worse to look at than a dirty computer screen. It’s like witnessing someone didn’t take the protective plastic off their remote control. Okay, we don’t want to give you nightmares.

Imagine your computer screen’s dirty and you’re looking at it all of the time. There’s nothing to imagine since you’re probably looking at the dirty spots right now. Here’s how to get them off:

You’ll need to be gentle since your computer screen is very delicate. Damaging it isn’t really that hard. Even paper towels could create issues. Okay, so create the water/white vinegar mixture we’ve already talked about. One thing, though: make sure the water is filtered/distilled. The minerals in regular tap water could leave some deposits on your screen.

Spray the aforementioned solution onto a clean, microfiber piece of cloth. Never spray directly onto the screen. Make sure the screen/computer is turned off. Gently wipe using small circular motions. Repeat until clean.

#4 Install floating shelves

One of the best ways to make your home office tidy is to install floating shelves. They’ll help you save a lot of space. Also, you’ll enjoy the organizational opportunities they give you. Not to mention their awesome sharp looks.

#5 Permanent marker on your whiteboard?

Most folks don’t have a whiteboard installed in their home office. Still, if the words above ring a bell, don’t worry! There’s a quick and easy way to get permanent marker traces off your office whiteboard. Apply some nail varnish to the spot and witness magic.

#6 Cleaning computer keyboard

There’s probably no need to wonder if your keyboard’s dirty or not. Your keyboard is something you’d want to call germ heaven. And you wouldn’t be wrong to do it! That’s why this item deserves a deep clean ASAP. Here’s how you’ll make it:

  • Disconnect the keyboard (if wired).
  • Hold it upside-down just so bits and pieces of everything can fall onto the table.
  • Next up, use a can of compressed air to blast leftovers. You can also use the duster attachment on a vacuum cleaner.
  • Dip cotton buds into isopropyl alcohol. Delicately clean the edges of your keys. Avoid making the keyboard soaking wet.
  • Lastly, use a microfiber cloth (dipped in isopropyl alcohol) to gently wipe the keys.

#7 Avoid spillage by introducing lidded travel mugs

We’ll take a guess and say you’re probably not used to drinking from lidded travel mugs. Inside your home office, that is. By introducing them to your home office inventory you’ll do yourself a favor. You’ll avoid spilling coffee or tea onto your electronics or furniture. God knows how many disasters were avoided because of these mugs!

#8 Cleaning the phone

We talked bad things about keyboards, but we forgot to mention phones. We don’t wanna be accused of being hypocrites, so… Here’s how to clean your home office phone (or any other phone):

  • First things first, turn it off.
  • Use the already famous microfibre cloth. Apply the same strategy you used with your computer screen.
  • Now, have this in mind. Many manufacturers don’t recommend you use any cleaning products on their phones.
  • Do it with extra care, and at your own risk.

#9 A solution to the dirty windows & blinds issue

Home offices ain’t nothing without a good source of natural light. That’s why your windows & blinds need to be clean. Don’t worry, you’ll just have to use the water/vinegar solution. Dampen an ordinary sock with it and clean your home office windows.

After you’re done cleaning the glass, put the sock over your hand. Wipe the blinds thoroughly. Also, don’t worry about the smell since it will fade quickly.

#10 Hide cords using a few simple tricks

Last but not least, we’ll show you how to handle hiding cords in your home office. You can:

  • use ties, adhesive cord covers, or tubes to handle this issue with cords.
  • put them in a basket, or even a desk cabinet.
  • sweep them under a thick rug.
  • label them for easier handling.

10 Tidy home office ideas to keep your space clean

As always, here at Shoppanel, it’s time for a summary of the tips we’ve shown you. So, how to keep your home office tidy and clean:

  • Forget about eating at your home office desk. Ensure it won’t become a safe haven for bacteria.
  • Clean your home office desk thoroughly. Use a combination of water and white vinegar to handle it.
  • Keep your home office computer screen clean. Use the same combo as above, just make sure the water’s distilled.
  • Think about adding floating shelves to your home office walls. These look great and make your home office organized.
  • Remove permanent marker traces on your whiteboard with nail varnish. If you even sport a whiteboard inside your home office.
  • Clean your (presumably) dirty keyboard. You’ll need cotton buds and isopropyl alcohol.
  • Introduce lidded travel mugs to avoid spillage. You’ll thank us later.
  • Clean your phone gently. Most manufacturers don’t agree you clean it at all, be very delicate.
  • Don’t forget to keep your windows and blinds sparkly clean. Use a sock damped into the water/vinegar combo.
  • Hide cords of your electronics using simple tricks. Don’t forget to label them afterward.

Okay, that’s about it on the subject of your home office tidiness and cleanliness! Hopefully, you’ve had a good time reading his one! 

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