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How to start a poetry blog – Easy guide for beginners

More often than not, new writers link poetry with complex and unfamiliar poetic tendencies. No longer is poetry just Shakespeare, Blake, or Wilde. Poetry has developed in many forms. It is more convenient now than ever for beginners to try it. Before making money from...

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6 Ideas on how to soundproof your home office on a budget

It's safe to assume people want some peace and quiet inside their home offices. Just think about it! Rare are those who like to work in a noisy environment. Okay, construction workers don't really have a lot of choices there. Still, most work-from-home jobs...

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How to stop spending too much money every day?

Did you ever stop to think how many times saving a few bucks was your main intention? You perhaps had it all figured out. Be it purchasing only the needs, avoiding the sales shows, and trying to manage your spending. Then all of a sudden, in spite of your best...

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How to set savings goals in 2022 – Experts answer

At the start of each year, we're prone to compose life-changing plans. As most of you know, those plans rarely give any results. Whether it's weight loss or quitting this or that habit - it doesn't matter. What matters is that people rarely stick to the...

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11 Ideas on how to work as a stay at home mom in 2022

Many mothers face a predicament: go back to work or stay home with the baby full-time? Both alternatives have pros and cons. Working means obtaining extra pay and holding an up-to-date résumé. Yet, often the advantages are all but canceled out by the increased prices...

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Work on the go in 2022 – 9 Ideas that pay off

It goes a bit something like this! C'mon now, everybody! Papa used to work from home, wherever he laid his laptop was his office... Instead of booing us off stage, you might want to stop and think. Is there more to this than an extremely lame joke? Actually, there...

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10 Money saving tips for seniors – 2022 Edition

As a rule of thumb, many seniors live on a limited income. Even those who are living with ease often look for ways to save money. Be it to travel more, leave a bigger heritage, or just have a larger nest egg for unforeseen events. In this article, we will go over 10...

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10 Tidy home office ideas to keep your space clean

Remember going to work each morning? That's right, neither do we! Still haven't made yourself a cozy home office setting? If so, lucky you! Today we'll show you a selection of tidy home office ideas. People aren't so productive while working surrounded...

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