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Almost everyone could profit from making a few extra bucks on the side. Still, saving extra cash and having a full-time job often isn’t enough. The right side hustles build passive revenue streams that go a long way in making extra money.

Side hustlers arrive from diverse stages and sell a broad range of outcomes. They’re contentious and view resource limitations as an exciting challenge. If you want to make some extra income, take a look at these 7 side hustles from home! 

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The top 7 side hustles from home

Let’s hop into these superb side hustles from home that you can try right now. Stay tuned for more interesting details below!

#1 Become an affiliate marketer

What is affiliate marketing? Well, it is when you promote someone else’s outcomes or services on your site. You earn a commission from any sale that arrives from your referral. It is usually done via some unique link or code. This is a terrific way to unite side hustles.

Do you have a podcast? Maybe you are an influencer? Or, do you have a shop of your own? If that is a yes, get into affiliate marketing. It’s a fantastic way to gain some passive revenue. It doesn’t matter if you are working on a separate side hustle or working on your passions.

To begin, go to affiliate sites like Leadpages, ClickBank, ConvertKit, or ShareASale and uncover the proper products for you. What if you’re a content creator or someone working in the world of eCommerce? In that case, the Shopify Affiliate Program may be a perfect side hustle.

#2 Start a blog on Substack

It goes without saying that blogging has long been a widespread side hustle. Still, monetization can often prove demanding. That’s why more and more bloggers are shifting to Substack. Substack is a platform where self-reliant writers can publish their work straight to their audience. They can get paid through the help of frequent subscriptions. 

This lets bloggers build an audience over time and keep a regular stream of income. All that without having to depend on intrusive ads, backings, or uncovering freelance writing gigs. 

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#3 Sell your photography

Have you heard of Burst, Shutterstock, and Getty Images? These sites are always looking to purchase shots that can be used on sites and ad campaigns. Moreover, there will always be a demand for new photos. Why? Well, it is because websites will always need to edit and refresh their content. 

You can also sell your images as prints or put them on a coffee mug. Get your shots on something physical and sell them as art. Acquiring quality prints of your images is easy and cheap. So, there’s a whole market if you’ve got the right picture.

You may even sell your images as a service. Photographing weddings, for instance, can be a full-time gig. The same goes for concerts, graduations, annual family photos, and so on. 

#4 Start dropshipping

Are you interested in marketing and operations over making custom designs? If that is a yes, think about starting a dropshipping business. Dropshipping is another remote side hustle where a third party fabricates and ships products for you. Your part is to set up your shop, set a price, and promote the business.

Dropshipping is likewise a low-risk option, by all means. This is mainly because products are only shipped when someone buys them. This leaves room for earnings, so long as your transaction fees are reasonable. You can also dropship on Amazon and eBay to reach more shoppers.

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#5 Sell digital products

A digital product is any non-physical asset that is in the digital world. These outcomes are often downloadable files like PDFs, PNGs, videos, and templates. You can create beautiful art pieces for feng shui in your home office or kitchen.

Are you a musician? If so, music is always needed for films and ad campaigns. This truly goes without saying! 

Are you a graphic designer? Keep in mind that websites are always looking for new illustrations to make their page stand out. Digital products could contain academic materials, free-to-use audio files, digital templates, and more. 

#6 Paid surveys online

Completing surveys online is how you turn your spare time into cash. Yes, it doesn’t pay as well as some of the other hustles on this list. Still, it is also one of the most effortless. All you need to do is answer a few questions.

Numerous paid online surveys only need you to fill in some facts about yourself. As you may already know, the easy ones don’t pay that well. Do you want to make $100 dollars per day with this side hustle? If so, go for video conference surveys.

So, the more time a survey takes, the payout is better. Don’t forget about Survimo and Shoppanel paid surveys. Register now to make a few extra bucks. 

#7 Become a freelance writer

Writing online can be extremely rewarding, by all means. You get to enhance your communication skills and make some cash. As a side hustle, you can readily pull in $1,000 a month working just a couple of hours a week. After that, you can start a business that earns over $100k annually if you work hard enough.

Freelance writing lets you choose the subject you want to write about. Do you like individual finance? Write about that. Love talking about crypto? Write about that. You get to pick whom you write for and what topic you write about.

The best part about this remote job is that you are independent. And if you pick a subject you are passionate about, you get to improve your knowledge. Moreover, you can build a name for yourself in your enterprise by writing regularly.

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A beginner making money online selling photos.

Bonus: Make your online course

Learning on your own is hard and takes a long time, by all means. Online courses help you learn quicker with easy and concise content. Are you good at something that other people are interested in learning? If so, making an online course is a terrific side hustle for you.

You can make a course about nearly any skill. For instance, that can be gardening, graphic design, coding, and public speaking. How much you can earn from an online course depends on two things. Firstly, how in-demand the skill is, and secondly, how good you are at marketing.

Once you get an online course up the ladder, you can make a lot more with very little marketing. Moreover, if your course sells well, you can turn it into a full-time business.

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Diversifying your revenue gives you more power

Can you turn your side hustle into something that makes you a lot of cash? If so, you will probably have more freedom in your everyday career. Knowing that you have a source of revenue in your back pocket might bring you more confidence.

You need this confidence to take risks in your job. No matter if it’s asking for a raise, volunteering for a new project, or even changing the firm. Without a plan b, you may be reluctant to take such risks.

You’d probably fear that your courage could result in the loss of earnings. Having a little source of income to mitigate this threat is essential. With a steadfast side hustle, you’ll find yourself in a place of tremendous leverage.

Tip: Working from home is great, by all means. Still, there are pros and cons of a flexible working schedule. Think about them!

The web creates endless possibilities

The Internet creates economic opportunities that never existed. Long ago, the idea of starting a business without a storefront, or access to classic marketing channels would have been impossible. As a consequence, the obstacles to starting any type of business were high and pricey.

Now, anybody can make a social media page or no-frills site in place of a storefront. What’s more, entry to e-commerce tools for pricing and generating sales is universal. This is the unwritten rule!

Also, with smart leveraging of both social media and SEO strategies, anybody can market and advertise a brand at the tiniest cost. Not just that, but the internet opens you up to a global demand of possible clients.